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  1. Tylenol may boost ADHD risk by 37%

    Pill popping moms give babies a headache

    I've always had a theory about folks who say it's better to give than receive -- they've never gotten anything good. I bet their closets are stuffed floor to ceiling with ugly ties and cheap cologne.

    But if you like to haul in gifts -- I'm talking about the expensive stuff -- any gal will tell you that nothing beats having a baby. Something about that growing bump in your belly makes people want to lavish you with big-ticket items.

    There's the oak crib from Aunt Sally... the fancy jogging stroller from your sister... the debilitating disease risk from Johnson & Johnson.

    What, you don't remember that one? Well, you got it -- or at least your kid did. And when you hear what I tell you next, you won't be rushing to send a thank-you note.

    A massive new study has found that if you took acetaminophen, like Tylenol, during your pregnancy, you increased the chances of your kid developing ADHD by as much as 37%! And the longer you took it, the greater the risk.

    Now let me be straight with you. ADHD is the most over-diagnosed condition in America, and it's used by Big Pharma to throw pills at every kid who can't sit still. But for the kids who suffer from serious ADHD, life is a nightmare full of bad grades, bullying, and worse.

    And acetaminophen is no picnic for you either. Acetaminophen is like a cannonball to your liver, and has been linked to hundreds of deaths a year.

    ADHD is one gift you don't want to pass on to your kid. If you're struggling with the aches and pains of pregnancy, give heating pads and ice packs a try. But do your unborn baby (and yourself) a favor of a lifetime and keep that Tylenol in the bottle where it belongs.

  2. J&J may have known of hip failures

    Court filings say J&J may have known artificial hips could fail

    They're either liars, or they're incompetent. Take your pick.

    A couple of years back, Johnson & Johnson execs dismissed the British implant registry report that estimated roughly a third of the company's hip implants were failing in patients who had them for the most time.

    Their response? Too small, too limited, can't draw conclusions, blah blah blah.

    Well, it turns out those hips are failing left and right. Not to mention that back in 2010...the year before this report was even released... they were recalled.

    I'm starting to think a failure rate of a third is just an opening bid. Want to know who agrees with me on that?

    Johnson & Johnson!

    At the same time the company was publicly dismissing that British study, Johnson & Johnson was conducting an internal investigation that predicted a 40 percent failure rate within five years for those same hip implants, according to new court filings.

    Someone's got some 'splaining to do!

    Of course, the company has a snappy response to that little revelation. They say their own study was... wait for it... too small, too limited, can't draw conclusions, blah blah blah.

    Can you believe this nonsense?

    It's the company's own study. They ordered it. They designed it. They paid for it. Why the heck would they even bother with conducting it in the first place if they knew in advance that it would be too small and too limited?

    Answer: Because they either knew more than they let on... or they're incompetent.

    Take your pick -- but personally, I wouldn't buy a thing from a company that's either. And in the case of Johnson & Johnson, we could be dealing with one that's both.

  3. Baby shampoo loaded with dangerous chemicals

    Johnson & Johnson says it's finally ready to remove formaldehyde and other chemicals from baby products -- but it's too little, too late.
  4. Acetamin-o-mania

    Johnson & Johnson has been dragging its feet on Tylenol for years now -- and instead of cutting back on its dangerous main ingredient, acetaminophen, they've been pumping it into every product imaginable.
  5. Hide and seek with drug side effects

    Imagine going into the hospital to be treated for pneumonia -- and ending up with ruptured tendon.
  6. Bribes and recalls

    The feds say Johnson & Johnson's in-house crooks used those bribes to sell implants in Greece and prescriptions in Romania, and to win contracts in Poland.
  7. Lipitor stinks!

    Pfizer is recalling nearly 200,000 bottles of its cholesterol med Lipitor, but not because of its terrible muscle-robbing side effects... but because of an "uncharacteristic" odor.
  8. Are we bathing our babies in carcinogens?

    According to a study by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC), there are toxic chemicals in some of the most recognized and used brand-name baby products - including lotions and shampoos.
  9. Big Pharma shirks responsibility for drug that killed

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    Apparently, Johnson & Johnson obscured evidence that its popular Ortho Evra birth control patch delivered a higher dose of estrogen than the more standard pill form of birth control on the market.
  10. The FDA's hit parade of big "oops" stories

    The FDA has all the usual flaws that go hand-in-hand with any government bureaucracy. The difference is that when the FDA fouls up, people die.

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