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  1. FDA: No proof aspirin prevents heart attacks

    Getting to the heart of bogus aspirin claims

    I'm a man of routine, and I've been starting each day with the "three B's" for years.

    You know what I'm talking about. Bathe, brush the chompers, and relieve the bowels.

    But the moment they hit 50, lots of folks add a fourth B to the morning equation -- they pop a Bayer aspirin.

    And it's giving me one heck of a headache.

    For years the medical mainstream has been pushing nonsense about how aspirin can wipe away heart attacks one tiny pill at a time. The only problem is it's a mighty tall tale right up there with Pecos Bill lassoing tornadoes or Paul Bunyan digging Lake Michigan with his trusty axe.

    But if you've been swallowing this medical myth for years, even Uncle Sam -- the same guy who never met a drug he wouldn't ask you to swallow -- says it's time to stop.

    It's a chilly day in hell and that wasn't a 747 that just flew over your home -- it WAS a pig with wings. Because the FDA has just REJECTED an effort by Bayer to start claiming aspirin is a "primary" tool for preventing heart attacks and strokes.

    And the reason was so simple, even the feds could explain it -- there's just NO evidence.

    The FDA poured through years of studies -- and so have I -- and there isn't a shred of proof that aspirin can prevent heart attacks for folks who have never had one. But there's PLENTY of proof that aspirin can cause internal bleeding and even INCREASE your risk of heart disease!

    Friend, I didn't even know the feds owned a "REJECT" stamp. But apparently they do because they dug it out and dusted it off for this -- and you need to pay attention. Before you waste another dollar on aspirin therapy, start demanding something you'll never see on a Bayer bottle or one of their slick television commercials.

    Proof it works.

  2. Pain in the aspirin

    Stopping the pills could stop your heart

    Like variety? Then you'll love aspirin -- because there are so many ways it can send you to the ER or even kill you.

    As I've warned you before, the so-called aspirin "therapy" that's supposed to protect your heart can actually lead to serious and even deadly internal bleeding. If that's not bad enough, it can actually CAUSE the very clots it's supposed to prevent.

    Some therapy.

    But if you're already on the aspirin train, don't jump off right away -- because the only thing more dangerous than starting aspirin therapy is trying to stop.

    Sounds contradictory, I know, but researchers say their study of 40,000 British heart patients who had been conned into aspirin therapy found that going cold turkey on these pills can boost the risk of a nonfatal heart attack by 60 percent.

    Since up to half of all aspirin therapy patients stop at some point, that's a lot of risk going around.

    Putting the numbers into real terms, the researchers wrote in BMJ that you can expect four extra heart attacks for every 1,000 aspirin therapy patients who stop when compared to those who dutifully take their pills.

    Here's the real deal: Researchers have been studying aspirin therapy for years now and found little to no benefit -- and plenty of risk, like those bleeding problems I mentioned earlier.

    Somehow, TV docs haven't gotten the message -- could it be all those Bayer ads on the networks that carry their shows? -- and they're still telling their viewers to take one a day.

    And your own doc hasn't gotten the message, either. (Maybe he watches those same TV shows instead of reading the medical journals.)

    In any case, if you haven't started aspirin therapy... DON'T!

    There are other, better, safer ways to protect your heart -- and I tell you about them all the time here in the Daily Dose and in The Douglass Report.

    If you're already on aspirin therapy, don't jump off the train just yet. Talk to your doctor about the safest way to wean yourself off these risk pills.

    And you might want to have 911 on speed-dial... just in case.

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