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  1. Alabama researcher exposes decades of water myths

    Mainstream water advice is all wet

    If Al Qaeda had its own magazine, no doubt Barack Obama would have graced the cover as 2009 Man of the Year. That was the year when ol' Barry decided that forcing water down the throats of 9/11 masterminds was cruel and unusual torture.

    Now, if only we Americans could get a little bit of that kind-hearted attention. Because while our Appeaser in Chief has been making sure terrorists are as cozy and comfortable as clams, mainstream medicine is still forcing water down millions of our throats every day. And our own government isn't doing a darned thing to stop it.

    But now a brave Alabama researcher is being crossed off her colleagues' Christmas card lists for standing up and admitting that the mainstream's longstanding obsession with having us gulp down eight glasses of water a day is pure garbage.

    Dr. Beth Kitchin is on a mission to keep you from spending your life with your lips glued to a water bottle and your butt glued to a toilet seat. In her latest research, Kitchin points out that there's no scientific basis whatsoever to the eight-glasses-a-day myth and that drinking more water won't help you lose weight, either.

    In fact, one study showed that drinking water has such little effect on weight loss, you probably burned more calories lifting the glass to your mouth.

    I've been fighting these water myths for years (even while our government sat on the sidelines), because excess water strains your kidneys, and fluoridated tap water has been proven to lower your IQ. So the next time some health nut tries to give you the business about chugging more H20, tell him what the science REALLY says about his advice.

    It doesn't hold water.

  2. Dental Association recommends brain-rotting fluoride for babies

    Dental dummies forcing fluoride on toddlers

    We've all done it. You stand there watching your baby or grandbaby sleeping in his crib at night, and you start dreaming of what he might become one day. Maybe an architect... or a novelist... or even the world's greatest doctor (hey, SOMEONE needs to follow in my footsteps).

    Well, you might want to set your expectations a tad lower... in fact, throw "ditch digger" on the list. Because a group of crazy dentists are aiming to make your kid dumber than a box of rocks -- starting the day he turns three years old!

    The tooth tyrants at the American Dental Association just released a new set of guidelines that recommends using brain-rotting fluoride toothpaste on three-year old babies. Yes, they want to poison your kid just to protect a set of teeth that are going to fall out of his head anyway!

    It's been said that dentists are just want-to-be MDs that didn't get into medical school. While I can't swear if that's true or not, it does look like they don't want YOUR kid getting in. After all, a major study from Harvard University linked fluoride consumption with lower IQs.

    But, heck, if your kid is regularly exposed to fluoride and manages to reach high school graduation, consider yourself lucky. Because another Ivy League study proved that exposing kids to fluoride could trigger a deadly form of bone cancer!

    Give your child or grandchild a gift that will last a lifetime -- don't let him within 100 feet of fluoridated water or toothpaste. Because when your kiddo brushes those chompers, you shouldn't have to worry that his intelligence... and his future... are going right down the drain with the waste water.

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