1. Obamacare abusers quit work and you pay

    Obamacare leeches decide work isn't for them

    After the way he's run roughshod over the Constitution, the military, and your individual rights, it wouldn't shock me one bit if Barack Obama has plans to give the Statue of Liberty a makeover before he leaves office (hopefully in handcuffs).

    By the time he's done, I bet Lady Liberty's plaque will say, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. And tell them it's OK to sit on their..."

    Well, you get the picture.

    You're not going to believe this, but it looks like the Congressional Budget Office -- the only government department that's not supposed to lie to us about the cost of Obama's disastrous Marxist policies -- actually did its job. It released a report PROVING that our Spender in Chief and his Congressional conmen fed us a diet of dirty lies when they said Obamacare wouldn't cost our economy MILLIONS of jobs.

    But it's HOW Obamacare is costing us jobs that's an insult to everything our country stands for.

    According to the CBO, 2 million Americans are LEAVING THEIR JOBS because they don't need to work to pay for health insurance any more. Obamacare will actually "discourage work" once droves of Americans realize they can score a health plan paid for by you and every other working stiff you know.

    Listen, I don't have any problem with helping the poor. But I have a BIG problem with helping people who CHOOSE to be poor. I can't stomach the hobos who decide to ride the Taxpayer Express all the way to free groceries, health care, and anything else they can get their hands on.

    But don't worry -- Obamacare isn't making everyone poor. Greedy insurance companies are going to get an $8 BILLION payoff thanks to the new law. It's as if these money-grubbing insurance execs removed $25 from the pockets of every single man, woman, and child in America!

    This used to be a country where you took pride in working hard and getting ahead. Moms and dads worked two or three jobs to care for their families, and they took pride in it. It built character. Now, Obama and his liberal buddies are sending a very different message -- plop your butt on the couch, and let Uncle Sam handle everything.

    Over my dead body. I'm not about to stand by and let the Far Left keep turning us into a bunch of lazy slobs nursing at the government teat. And you can bet they won't stop at Obamacare.

    Here's a list of every single legislator who stood up and voted for Obamacare. If one represents you, next election, do something that will benefit your family and this country for generations to come -- throw the bum out.

  2. Snakebite uncovers Obamacare insurance scheme

    The snakebite heard 'round the world

    When you lie down with snakes, you should expect to get bitten. And with its sleazy backdoor dealing with corrupt politicians and deadly billion-dollar drug companies, mainstream medicine has slept with more snakes than Elizabeth Taylor.

    Now one troublemaking snake has sunk its deadly fangs deep into the mainstream's backside and has exposed a shocking TRILLION DOLLAR rip-off that's happening right under our noses!

    It all started when a copperhead nibbled on a North Carolina man's foot while he was taking out the trash. (If you've ever tried to convince your wife that taking out garbage is hazardous to your health, this is all the proof you need.)

    So with his toes swelling up like a bunch of wet breadsticks, this poor son-of-a-gun rushed to a hospital for four anti-venom treatments. And that's when he ran into a slithering snake far more poisonous than anything you'll find in the North Carolina brush -- mainstream medicine.

    When this fella got his hospital bill, he didn't need anti-venom -- he needed smelling salts! Those money-grubbers wanted more than $89,000 for an 18-hour hospital stay. You can't put a price on your health, but $89,000 is cutting it awfully close.

    In fact, the hospital wanted $81,000 for the same four vials of anti-venom you can buy online for $750 a pop! But it's WHY the hospital charged so much that's going to have you grabbing a pitchfork and storming DC.

    You see, the hospital knew its treatment wasn't worth $89,000. But they're required to give insurance companies and government programs such steep discounts that they just increase the retail price. So instead of charging $1,000 for a service, hospitals will mark it up to $2,000 and give insurers a 50% discount. You don't save a dime -- and lots of folks get fleeced for trillions!

    Remember how those spineless, socialist politicians spent the past two years telling us how we all NEED health insurance? How we'd be more helpless than a tick in a tornado without the insurance companies' bargaining power?

    Well, friend, grab a stick and scrape that turd off your shoe right now. Because if you believed our phony President Faux-bama and his millionaire political buddies cared about your health care or your bank account, you stepped in it big time. Let's finally call Obamacare what it is -- a taxpayer-funded payoff to billion-dollar slimeball insurance companies.

    It's time to abandon health insurance and let doctors charge directly for their services like every other business in society. And if you're worried about how poor people will get health care, let it go. You can't swing a dead cat in cities these days without seeing some free health clinic.

    Either way, it's time for a revolution, so folks like you don't end up like that poor North Carolina sap.


  3. There aren't enough doctors!

    It's harder than ever to find a real doctor because there aren't enough to go around -- and many patients are being forced to see nurses and assistants instead.
  4. Obamacare will burn smokers

    Health insurance for smokers will skyrocket under ObamaCare rules -- so much so that computers can't even calculate the new rates.
  5. Paying people to lose weight

    People won't lose weight for good health -- but a new study shows they'll do it for money.
  6. Double or nothing for ObamaCare

    ObamaCare isn't just any old socialist lie -- it's an EXPENSIVE socialist lie, and new numbers show just how much is about to be stolen from your pocket to pay for it: $1.76 trillion.
  7. Insurance companies promote medical tourism programs

    Next year, WellPoint plans to launch a pilot "medical tourism" program, which will send its patients to India for certain medical procedures.
  8. Presidential health care plans: Good for no one?

    A new report in the Journal of Health Affairs that levies some criticism at both the McCain and Obama "solutions" for the U.S. healthcare system.
  9. Big Pharma threatens the future of psychotherapy

    Advances in medical science - and in the marketing of that science to consumers - have led to the belief that nearly every ailment there is, be it physical or mental, can be solved with a pill.
  10. Antipsychotic drugs make dementia patients worse

    A 2006 study of Alzheimer's patients found that antipsychotic drugs provided no significant improvement over placebos in treating the delusions and aggression that accompanies that disease.

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