1. How the 'staff of life' is killing you

    Feds attack bread -- for all the wrong reasons

    Look at the ingredients in a loaf of bread and you'll see a long list of what NOT to eat.

    I don't care if it's the fancy-schmancy "whole grain" stuff made with organic seed from Borneo or plain old Wonder Bread -- it's a bag full of nutrition-free empty carbs that doesn't belong anywhere near your home.

    The feds have finally caught on to the fact that the "staff of life" isn't so good for you after all. But instead of trashing those deadly refined carbohydrates, they're trashing the salt! Will they ever get it right?

    The CDC is griping that nine out of 10 Americans eat way too much salt -- and that bread is the prime culprit, beating out junk like potato chips and pretzels.


    Despite what you've heard, there's not a dash of evidence to back the U.S. government's tasteless salt guidelines. A low-salt diet won't prevent or ease hypertension, and it's certainly not going to make a difference in your heart disease risk.

    In fact, LOW levels of salt -- levels right in line with what the feds are trying to cram down your throat -- have been linked repeatedly to heart problems, bone breaks, and an early death. (Read more here.)

    Sure, it's possible to get too much salt if you chow down on a diet rich in processed and packaged foods, including bread. But salt isn't the real problem with the U.S. diet.

    It's all the other ingredients in your daily loaf.

    Grains of any kind -- white or brown -- are a blood-sugar disaster waiting to happen. Breads are also loaded with awful preservatives to stop them from turning into doorstops overnight and to delay mold growth.

    Throw in the fact that most are also packed with sugar and even high-fructose corn syrup, and you've got the REAL reason America is celebrating the Golden Age of Heart Disease.

    So stop worrying about salt. Skip the bread and anything else that shares its ingredients and stick to fresh foods instead. Do that, and you can shake the salt until your wrist gets sore.

    Your taste buds will tell you when you've had enough, and you'll have the healthiest heart in town.

  2. The feds want your vitamins

    FDA set to yank common supplements

    Better stock up on your favorite vitamins while you still can: The feds have launched a bold new attack on supplements, and this one could leave millions of Americans high and dry.

    Make no mistake about it -- this means you!

    The FDA has finally decided to set rules for "new ingredients" used in supplements -- a move that might sound great if you believe it's about protecting consumers.

    But this is the FDA we're talking about -- and this move is really just a powergrab aimed at protecting the drug companies.

    Under the proposed rules, all new ingredients would have to go through a lengthy approvals process, like drugs. That process is so expensive it simply can't be done for vitamins, which aren't all that profitable since they can't be patented.

    "So what," you're thinking. "My vitamins aren't new -- this won't affect me."


    The FDA considers "new" anything introduced within the last 17 years, since the 1994 passage of the badly named Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

    That means a supplement you've safely relied upon for the better part of two decades could be ripped right off the shelves overnight for containing an unapproved "new" ingredient.

    What's more, anything on the market before 1994 has to remain precisely the same, or else. Even the tiniest alteration would force it into "new ingredient" purgatory.

    But wait! There's more: The proposed rules could be the death knell for powerful and important synthetic vitamins and popular herbal extracts regardless of how long they've been around -- leaving you at the complete mercy of Big Pharma for many common conditions.

    Adding insult to this assault, Senator Dick Durbin recently introduced a bill that would force supplement makers to use mandatory, arbitrary, and unscientific warning labels written by the drug-industry hacks at the Institute of Medicine.

    Ironically, both the FDA and Durbin launched their plots to rob you of your healthcare independence right before the Independence Day weekend, when most Americans were already on vacation and not paying attention to the headlines.

    Let your senators and congressman know you're paying attention. Tell them they can have your vitamins when they pry ‘em from your cold, dead hands.

    The Alliance for Natural Health has been all over these stories from the beginning, and you'll find full coverage on their Web site -- along with an easy way to contact both the FDA and your lawmakers. Click here to learn more.

  3. Is that natural product really natural?

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    The market for natural personal care products is already huge, and growing larger every day. Unfortunately, knowing which of these products are truly made with natural ingredients isn't as easy as reading the label.

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