1. Common household chemicals causing infertility

    Could TOOTHPASTE be the cure for baby fever?

    I've fought infectious diseases all around the world, but I've never seen anything spread faster than baby fever.

    Because it seems to travel from a woman's ovaries to her brain in an instant. How many gals are figuring out their ovulation cycles to the split second, let alone the day? I've even heard of young ladies standing on their heads after sex to get knocked up!

    Desperate women will try just about anything to get a bun cooking in their oven. And if you fellas are having trouble doing your part, it's not time to switch up your love-making routine or try some New Age chant.

    But it may be time to change your toothpaste.

    Because a new European study has found that your home is LITTERED with chemicals that turn your sperm from a fast-swimming Mark Spitz to a lazy fat kid floating along in an inner tube.

    Scientists from Germany and Denmark just studied how 96 "endocrine disrupter" chemicals in toothpaste, makeup and sunscreen affect a man's fertility. And these chemicals I've been telling you about for years -- like phthalates, mercury, and PFCs -- are killing sperm faster than anything you'll find in the "family planning" department at CVS.

    In fact, about a third of the chemicals tested damaged your sperm's ability to swim. Forget fertilizing an egg -- your sperm are moving like a jammed-up freeway during rush hour.

  2. Fertility drug may boost breast cancer risk 150%

    A bun in the oven or a lump in the breast?

    There hasn't been an Immaculate Conception in 2,000 years -- but if you or a loved one has been struggling to get pregnant, you've probably spent a lot of time praying for a miracle.

    Luckily for you, there are plenty of fertility doctors out there willing to play God, injecting you with crazy chemical and hormone cocktails for up to $25,000 a treatment.

    Well, just be sure that bump in your belly doesn't come with a lump in your breast. Because long-term use of a popular fertility drug being sold to THOUSANDS of women across the United States may actually increase your risk of deadly breast cancer by 150% or more!

    Researchers followed nearly 10,000 women who were treated for infertility with Clomid, a synthetic hormone. Turns out gals who took 12 or more cycles of Clomid were 1.5 times more likely to develop breast cancer -- and those were the LUCKY women who actually got pregnant!

    Women who took Clomid and DIDN'T get pregnant actually doubled their breast cancer risk. That's right -- no baby, just cancer. Plus, studies have shown Clomid can trigger painful ovarian cysts and even cause your hair to fall out!

    If the stork can't seem to find his way to your house, skip the Clomid and focus on identifying the chemicals, you're contacting every day that send your hormones haywire. I'm talking about food packaging, carpet coatings, and other nasty poisons we pack into our homes.

    Get those toxins out of the way, and you may have "one on the way" before you know it.

  3. Study claims laughter is dangerous

    A new study claims laughter could lead to everything from heart problems to hernia. But don't stop laughing yet -- get the truth here.
  4. Hair growth drug can wreck your sex life

    You don't have to suffer a prostate problem to be given a dangerous and emasculating prostate drug -- just tell your doc you want more hair.
  5. Finally -- a use for soy!

    I've always said I wouldn't wish soy on my worst enemies -- but prison inmates? That's a different story. Penitentiaries across the country are filling their inmates with soy instead of meat to save cash -- and in some places, like Florida, soy now makes up half the protein.
  6. Cellphone study has some hang-ups

    That noise you're hearing isn't another bad signal from your cellphone -- it's the industry trying to drown out the research linking its devices to cancer.
  7. Common sense for cell phones

    The studies are starting to add up, and they all point in the same direction: Cell phones emit harmful radiation that can cause cancer and infertility.
  8. Yet another downside to diabetes

    A new study found yet another downside to obesity and diabetes: infertility.
  9. Health hazards in your water bottle

    Apparently, Americans have higher levels of BPA in their systems than those levels found to harm lab animals.

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