1. Hundreds of U.S. hospitals doing nothing to prevent infections

    Filthy hospital horror show kills 100,000 a year

    If cleanliness is next to Godliness, my mother is playing table tennis with the Virgin Mary right now. When I was a kid, you didn't dare approach her dinner table if you had dirt behind your ears or grime under your fingernails.

    Mom's kitchen was so clean you could have performed surgery in it -- and the mainstream may want to start giving that a try. Because yet another study has proven that the average hospital is a filth-infested junkyard even Fat Albert and the boys would have been embarrassed to hang out in.

    The new examination of nearly 1,000 hospitals -- that's about one out of every six hospitals in America -- found that hundreds of them have no policies whatsoever to protect you from common infections and pneumonia. That catheter line you're getting might as well be a sewage line, because a third of the hospitals studied have no procedures to prevent painful urinary tract infections.

    Heck, even hospitals that had infection control procedures were only following them about half the time, because hospitals rake in BILLIONS treating the same infections they give you! It's no wonder hospital-related infections kill 100,000 people a year -- that's equivalent to every man, woman and child in Flint, Michigan.

    Listen, you may enter a hospital with a wristband, but make sure you don't leave with a toe tag. Don't ever step foot in one of these one-star horror hotels without asking EXACTLY what they're doing to keep you safe.

    And when they give you that stupid, confused grin the mainstream has practically patented, do yourself a favor -- make a beeline for the door, and never look back.

  2. Why you need your tonsils

    I hope you didn't rush to get your tonsils plucked out at the first sign of trouble. Turns out you might need 'em after all.

    Docs have assumed that tonsils are more trouble than they're worth -- a source of everything from minor infections to bad breath. Plus, they can make easy money removing them.

    But ironically, those "useless" disease-prone tonsils might actually play a key role in -- you guessed it -- fighting disease.

    Isn't it funny how it always seems to work out that way?

    In this case, researchers have found that the tonsils can manufacture the T-cells your body needs to prevent or fight cancer and autoimmune diseases.

    Until now, docs have assumed that all those T-cells are made in the thymus, an immune system organ that sits in your chest. But according to the research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, T-cells in five different stages of development were found in the tonsils.

    The researchers couldn't actually figure out what those tonsil T-cells are used for -- but the fact that the tonsils even make them at all is food for thought.

    They could be called to use by the body to fight off cancers and other infections, or they could be a "back up plant" for T-cell production if the primary site, the thymus, is ever harmed or simply can't make enough on its own.

    All I can say for now is, don't have your tonsils removed.

    P.S. This is a banner month for "useless" organs. Another new study finds you might need your appendix, too. Researchers say the organ might actually be a "safe house" for beneficial gut bacteria, allowing your body to replenish itself in the event of a major infection.

    So unless it's about to burst like an overripe watermelon, leave it in.

  3. Are you addicted to heartburn meds?

    There's a new call for the feds to put more warnings onto common heartburn drugs. Big whooptie-do. Any warning slapped onto these meds now is way too little and far too late. Millions are already hooked on proton pump inhibitors...

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