1. Antibiotics tied to 71% of deadly C. diff infections

    Pushy parents, meet gutless docs

    Know what mainstream doctors and skeletons have in common? You're not likely to find guts in either.

    Sure, I'm familiar with the old saying that the customer is always right -- but sometimes you should tell the customer to shut the heck up. Especially when that customer is a pushy parent trying to convince you to prescribe antibiotics their kid doesn't need.

    And a new study shows that while pediatricians are being bullied into handing out antibiotics like candy, millions of tykes are being left with the tummy ache of a lifetime.

    Researchers studied kids between the ages of 1 and 17 who developed bowel-busting Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections that can cause everything from diarrhea to death. And an astounding 71% of these infections occurred after the kids took antibiotics prescribed by their docs.

    This isn't just idiocy, friend, it is idiocy squared. It's bad enough that antibiotics wear down your kid's ability to fight C. diff infections -- but about HALF the time, according to our government's own estimates, kids are being prescribed antibiotics they don't even need!

    And more often than not, it's a case of the squeaky wheel... or rather parent... getting the grease. I can't tell you how many times parents bully their doctors into prescribing antibiotic "wonder drugs," all because the docs lack the backbone to say no.

    Listen up, moms and dads -- there's a reason you pay your doctor and he doesn't pay you. Ask questions... make sure you're comfortable with his plan to treat your kid... but don't push him into prescribing dangerous drugs that he thinks are a bad idea.

    Because when it comes to antibiotics, you need to be awfully careful what you wish for.

    Bringing a germ of truth to the antibiotics debate,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  2. Study finds doctor's stethoscopes are filthy

    Is your doc wearing a toilet seat around his neck?

    He'll tell you to wash your hands while reciting the A,B,C's. He wants you to sneeze into your elbow, not your hands. He's practically got you running around town in a radiation suit and a surgical mask swiping every surface you touch with a disinfecting wipe.

    Your doc has a million and one suggestions to keep you safe from the germs that surround us. Too bad he doesn't follow his own advice.

    Because at the start of every appointment, before he takes your blood pressure or shines that light in your ears, your doctor may be rubbing fecal matter, MRSA, and every other dangerous bacteria known to mankind all over your back and chest.

    And he's been doing it for years!

    A new Swiss study found that your doc's trusty stethoscope is likely to be filthier than a hobo's shoes! Turns out after he examines that sweating, morbidly obese guy with the oozing sores in the next room, he may not even bother disinfecting his stethoscope before he plops it down on your flesh.

    In fact, researchers found that most stethoscopes were carrying more dangerous germs than doctors' hands! It's no wonder you have trouble taking deep breaths once that filth factory is pressed against your skin.

    The next time you're getting a check-up, make sure you give your doc a taste of his own medicine. Before he presses that cold stethoscope to your skin, give him a warm dose of reality -- suggest he grab a disinfecting wipe and clean it up.

  3. Gastric bypass surgery a slow killer

    Millions of obese patients are lining up for gastric bypass surgery, and mainstream medicine is raving about its success. But the evidence is mounting that gastric bypass is a slow killer that could start you on the path towards your grave the minute you leave the hospital.
  4. New warning over antibiotics

    A commonly used class of powerful antibiotics can cause severe, lasting and even permanent nerve damage, according to a new FDA warning.
  5. Fight bites right

    The only good mosquito is a dead mosquito -- but thanks to the federal ban on the pesticide DDT, they're practically a protected species.
  6. Antibiotics for your appendix

    Show up in the hospital with a fever and a terrible ache near your belly, and you can count the minutes until they start hacking your appendix out.
  7. Double trouble over gout treatment

    The only thing worse than one bad med is two -- and if you're battling gout, that's exactly what's on the menu next: two bad meds.
  8. Screening out the PSA test

    You already know the deal: Despite all the blah-blah-blah from TV doctors, celebrity advocates, and cancer-screening ad campaigns, a PSA test won't save your life.
  9. The cancer screening you can officially skip

    Hear that sound? That's the death knell for the PSA test -- and it's about time too. This test has caused too many men to suffer too many emasculating and life-ruining side effects, with little to no benefits whatsoever.
  10. Mainstream admits to vaccine faults

    In the latest attempt to "prove" vaccines don't cause autism, the Institute of Medicine ended up admitting that standard childhood shots can cause just about everything else.

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