1. Incontinence cured with bariatric surgery?

    Nothing -- but nothing -- will rob you of your dignity faster than peeing your pants.

    It's so humiliating that if it starts happening regularly, you're faced with three options: wear diapers... never leave home again... or DO SOMETHING about it.

    I don't know about you, but the day I have to wear a diaper is the day they can bury me -- and I'm certainly not planning to spend the rest of my time on God's Green Earth holed up inside.

    I'm in the DO SOMETHING camp -- but if you've got a bladder problem yourself, there's one "something" you should NEVER, ever do to plug that leak.

    Never have bariatric surgery.

    This stomach-shrinking procedure is being pushed as the magic cure for any number of conditions, and the latest research claims it can reverse incontinence in half of men and more than half of women.

    The study also finds that the more weight you lose, the more bladder control you'll regain... and if you put the pounds back on, you'll be out shopping for diapers again.

    No kidding!

    This isn't a benefit of surgery. It's a benefit of weight loss.

    When you pack on too many pounds, all that extra fat starts to squeeze your internal organs like a boa constrictor -- and when you squeeze a full bladder, it's like squeezing a wet sponge.

    Obesity will also lead to other health problems, which in turn will have you on meds that can have you springing more leaks than the French Navy.

    The obvious answer is to lose weight, but doing that through surgery is like hiring an ax murderer to trim the hedges.

    Even if it gets the job done, you're putting your life on the line -- because bariatric surgery can rob your stomach of its ability to absorb nutrients from your food.

    This is a devastating side effect that can lead to severe and even deadly nutritional deficiencies.

    You're much better off taking matters into your own hands and finding out first hand why I'm such a big fan of the low-carb diet. You'll be slim and trim in no time -- and you won't need diapers when you want to go out.

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  2. Stem cells cure incontinence without surgery

    Leaking ladies find surgery-free RELIEF!

    You're never going to find this needlepointed on a baby blanket, but here's how I define pregnancy.

    You spend nine months carrying around a bundle of joy -- and the next 60 years dealing with the damage.

    One minute you're in the prime of your life -- and the next you're donating your bikini to Goodwill while you fight off the extra flab and stretch marks junior left behind.

    And that's not even the worst part. Just one cough or sneeze, and you're leaking like an old faucet!

    I don't know how you gals do it -- and, hopefully, you won't have to do it any longer.

    Because an exciting European study proves you may FINALLY be able to end those embarrassing drips and dribbles for good -- all with a little help from your love handles.

    In a small pilot study, researchers were able to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the urinary incontinence that's plaguing countless gals like you in just one year! No surgery required!

    Doctors harvested stem cells right from the gals' own fat tissue and injected it into their urethras. And after just 12 short months, every single woman -- that's right, ALL of them -- saw their symptoms either dramatically reduced or completely gone!

    And stem cells won't just save you from embarrassment -- they could rescue your love life. That's because lots of gals have been fixing their leaky plumbing with surgical mesh that leaves behind so much pain and scarring that women swear off their sex lives for good!

    If you're not exactly tickled by the occasional trickle, help is right around the corner. Your little miracle may have caused hurricane-style damage on the way out – but thanks to stem cells, it looks like your storm clouds are finally lifting.

  3. Big Pharma pushing botulism for bladder control

    Skip this potentially deadly neurotoxin and try safe, natural cures for bladder support.
  4. Men who skip prostate cancer surgery usually die of something else

    Even if you skip prostate cancer surgery, you're 50% more likely to die of ANY other cause -- and usually not for years.
  5. Poison your bladder to regain control?

    Botox for bladder control is one of the worst ideas I've ever seen... so naturally, the feds have signed off on it.
  6. OTC bladder drug can lead to dementia & death

    A common bladder drug just approved for over-the-counter sales for incontinence comes with more risks than they're letting on.
  7. Time for a laugh

    What's success at the age of 80? You won't believe the answer.
  8. Study proves prostate surgery doesn't save lives

    Prostate surgery is dangerous, emasculating and completely unnecessary -- and new numbers prove again that it doesn't save lives.
  9. Screening out the PSA test

    You already know the deal: Despite all the blah-blah-blah from TV doctors, celebrity advocates, and cancer-screening ad campaigns, a PSA test won't save your life.
  10. The risks of robo-surgery

    Every man who gets his prostate surgically butchered is lied to -- he's lied to the moment he's told he needs surgery. He's lied to when he's told the risks of the procedure are low. And he's lied to when he's told he can slash those risks by paying more for a robot-assisted surgery. Well save your cash, because I've got news for you -- those robo-surgeons are a ro-BUST.

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