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  1. Study finds airplanes are a cesspool of immune system challenging germs

    Flying the filthy skies

    If you're anything like me, you enjoy boarding an airplane as much as scrubbing the toilet. Except, chances are, the toilet is a lot less messy.

    It's bad enough that you're sharing an arm rest with some 400-pound chatterbox who's sweating through his T-shirt. But one row over, some fussy baby is blowing snot bubbles between his ear-splitting screams.

    And that's when you realize that terrorists are the LEAST of your worries -- because there's already a filthy germ bomb detonating all around you.

    In fact, it may have exploded DAYS before you stepped foot on the plane. That's because a new study from Auburn University found that disease-causing germs can live on airplane surfaces for up to ONE FULL WEEK!

    That means seven full days ago a passenger may have drooled on your headrest, or used the in-flight magazine as a Kleenex, and their germs could still be having a party in seat 23A. In fact, researchers found potentially-deadly MRSA bacteria living on seat pocket cloth seven days after exposure, and E. coli surviving for 96 hours on armrests.

    So much for the "friendly skies"!

    If you have a commercial flight coming up, spend the next several days getting your immune system into shape. Load up on vitamin C and start taking some probiotics to beef up your gut's immune defenses.

    And be sure you bring a Hefty-sized barf bag onto the plane. Because once you take a look around that jumbo germ jet, there's a good chance you're going to feel more than a little nauseous.

  2. Antibiotics cause asthma in kids

    Big Pharma unleashes breathless-baby epidemic

    They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned -- but a sick, agitated baby could give that gal a run for her money.

    There's nothing more terrifying than hearing your baby scream his lungs out, sick with a cold or fever, struggling to get comfortable. If you're like most folks, you're willing to use whatever antibiotic concoction the mainstream hands you to help him breathe a little easier.

    But that temporary relief may end up costing your child more than you ever imagined.

    Because it turns out the second you give your baby that first dropper-full of antibiotics, you may be sentencing him to a lifetime of wheezing, coughing, and sitting on the sidelines with asthma.

    British researchers studied more than 1,000 kids and found that those who were exposed to antibiotics early in life had DOUBLE the risk of developing asthma. That's because antibiotics can disrupt the development of your child's immune system, and it could leave him battling allergies the rest of his life.

    Mainstream docs like to hand out antibiotics like candy for ear infections and even colds, but trust me -- these drugs are more trick than treat. And a childhood filled with antibiotics could leave your kid wheezing, gasping for breath, and even unable to fight off the deadly infections that are spreading like wildfire all over the world.

    If you have a fussy baby, sometimes the best solution is to let his immune system work --and keep him away from Big Pharma's poison. A doctor skilled in integrative medicine can help you make the best decision for your little one. Letting him fight a little sickness now could help prevent much more serious -- and life-threatening -- illness down the road.

  3. Study claims laughter is dangerous

    A new study claims laughter could lead to everything from heart problems to hernia. But don't stop laughing yet -- get the truth here.
  4. Time alone can cure some UTIs

    Some urinary tract infections don't need drugs -- all they need is a little time, because your own immune system can wipe them out in some cases.
  5. Don’t take this government pledge

    The CDC wants everyone to take a pledge to get a flu shot. But what are you really promising them?
  6. The ordinary vitamin that can wipe out staph infections

    Plain old vitamin B3, aka niacin, can increase the power of immune cells to kill staph bacteria by 1,000 times.
  7. The dangerous way to ease hot flashes

    Soy isn't a food -- it's a dangerous unregulated drug, and most people are getting dosed with it at every meal.
  8. Finally -- a use for soy!

    I've always said I wouldn't wish soy on my worst enemies -- but prison inmates? That's a different story. Penitentiaries across the country are filling their inmates with soy instead of meat to save cash -- and in some places, like Florida, soy now makes up half the protein.
  9. Can vitamin D really hurt you?

    The clock is running out on 2011, but it looks like there's still time to squeeze in one last phony vitamin panic. In this one, researchers claim high levels of vitamin D will boost your risk of serious heart problems -- despite what their own study REALLY found: that LOW levels of the sunshine vitamin will up your odds of heart failure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, and diabetes.
  10. Babies being pumped full of PPIs

    It's bad enough that docs are pushing dangerous and unnecessary stomach acid meds on adults -- but now, a growing number of pediatricians are throwing those same meds at infants who spit up or puke.

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