1. Grain-fed beef cows may be fed garbage

    Garbage: It's what's for dinner

    Whether you're a rescue mutt or a pedigreed hound, I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. But if you're going to be a pooch in my house, you have to follow two simple rules -- do your business outside and don't eat out of the trash.

    And the second I find ol' Fido munching on garbage, he's going to get a firm scolding and a night in the doghouse.

    And now it's your turn. Because a new dust-up in Maine is proving once and for all that you've been eating trash for years -- and it's time we had a serious chat.

    Maine farmers are fighting tooth and nail to stop a new federal regulation that would keep them from feeding GARBAGE to the same cows they're selling to you as "Grade A" beef. Talk about grading on a curve!

    You see, for years Maine's breweries have been using fresh grains to make their beers, and then giving the spent, used-up waste to farmers to use as cattle feed. This grain is such useless trash that most breweries don't even charge for it!

    And the cattle devouring this debris aren't especially useful for you, either. Grain-fed beef is a nutritional wasteland, lacking most of the nutrients and healthy fats you'll find in grass-fed meat. Plus, grains are such an unhealthy, unnatural diet that cows are often pumped full of hormones and antibiotics just to keep them alive long enough to slaughter.

    There's nothing more important to your health than what you put in your body, so stick to organic beef fed the same natural grass they'd eat in the wild. Because when you chow down on that discount, supermarket, grain-fed beef, you're not eating real meat the way Mother Nature intended.

    You're eating garbage.

  2. Extra pounds, extra risk

    Weight alone can cause heart problems

    "Skinny" doesn't automatically mean "healthy," and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of manure.

    But it's also tough to be fit when you're fat -- and if you're carrying too much jelly in your belly, it's time to let some of it go.

    You know the extra weight isn't doing you any favors. You know it's a risk factor for disease and an early death. And now, new research confirms it'll boost your risk of heart disease and heart attack -- even if you're otherwise healthy.

    If you're obese, your risk of heart attack doubles and your risk of heart disease jumps by 64 percent. And if you're overweight, those risks are 38 percent and 25 percent.

    Now, you know that being fat can cause a slew of other changes inside the body, and none of them are for the better -- including high blood sugar levels and the other risk factors that lead to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and an early death.

    But even if you manage to pack on the pounds and remain metabolically healthy (rare, but possible), you're still not really all that healthy -- because metabolic syndrome only accounts for a small portion of your overall heart risk, according to the study.

    The rest comes from the extra weight -- or at least from the other problems caused by extra weight, including the hormonal changes and circulatory issues that the study didn't look at.

    Having said all that, I'd rather you follow my common-sense diet advice and have a couple extra pounds on you than torture yourself with dangerous low-fat mainstream guidelines to reach the so-called perfect weight.

    Trust me... that's NOT the path to good health and longevity. If anything, it'll kill you faster than a little extra meat in your middle.

    But you don't really have to choose one or the other. If you follow my low-carb diet plan to a T (or a T-bone steak), the pounds will melt off like fresh butter in a hot pan -- and you'll reach your ideal weigh without even trying.

    I revealed the two-day-a-week low-carb trick to weight loss in this free report in my online archives.

  3. Women need testosterone

    Testosterone might be the "manly" hormone, but new research confirms that older women can benefit from supplements as well.
  4. Moderate drinking can protect women's bones

    Women looking to get a leg up on osteoporosis should raise a glass -- because new data shows that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of the bone disease.
  5. Testosterone helps with weight loss, blood pressure & blood sugar levels

    Getting old doesn't have to stink: A new study confirms that boosting testosterone levels can help older men lose weight and gain control of blood sugar levels.
  6. Men with low testosterone have a higher risk of diabetes

    Testosterone is for more than just sexual health -- and a new study confirms that low levels of the hormone can increase the risk of diabetes.
  7. Hair growth drug can wreck your sex life

    You don't have to suffer a prostate problem to be given a dangerous and emasculating prostate drug -- just tell your doc you want more hair.
  8. Are greenhouse gases making you fat?

    Gaining weight? Don't blame your own lousy habits -- blame global warming instead!
  9. Drugged up on milk

    If there's anything more tainted than a glass of water, it's store-bought milk.
  10. Tap water raises this risk by 500%

    The most dangerous chemicals in your house aren't in your garage or basement -- they're flowing freely right from your kitchen sink.

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