1. Melatonin slashes aggressive prostate cancer risk 75%

    Did Dr. Oz accidently send you down the Yellow Brick Road to cancer?

    You know, I'd give just about anything to click my heels together three times and send the great and powerful Dr. Oz to Kansas, Outer Mongolia, or some floating iceberg where you'd be free from his crockpot medical advice.

    I mean, just because these days he occasionally says something nice about vitamins, are we supposed to forget that Oz has spent most of his career as a Cowardly Lion shilling for the latest risky mainstream surgery or Big Pharma wonder pill? And more often than not, he ends up looking more foolish than a man chasing his hat in a hurricane anyway.

    He was wrong when he recommended a low-calorie starvation diet to his audience... and when he touted the lifesaving benefits of mammograms. And, brother, was he ever off-base about melatonin.

    It's been two years since Oz had a hissy fit on his show about using melatonin, a natural hormone and one of the safest, most effective sleep aids ever invented. Now, it turns out, if you followed his advice and tossed your melatonin, you could find yourself headed down the yellow brick road to cancer.

    A new Harvard study has found that keeping your melatonin levels healthy could slash your risk of the deadliest form of prostate cancer by an astounding 75%! In the study of nearly 1,000 men over seven years, fellas with the highest melatonin levels were a third less likely to develop any form of prostate cancer, and a whopping three-fourths less likely to suffer from advanced prostate cancer.

    For more than 15 years now I've been telling readers that a combination of melatonin and HGH could be a safe permanent CURE for age-related sleep disorders. Looks like I might need to add prostate cancer to that list.

    If you suffer from a lack of sleep eye don't let the wizard scare you away from life-saving melatonin a moment longer. Because when you get past the bellowing and peek behind the curtain, you'll see exactly what Dorothy saw -- Oz isn't really a wizard after all.

  2. FDA ban on BPA in baby bottles is meaningless

    Don't be fooled by federal inaction on BPA

    Give me a break already!

    The FDA wants you to think it's finally getting serious on BPA. They want you to believe they're taking action -- so they've banned this hormone-like chemical from baby bottles.

    That'll show the plastics industry who's in charge, right?


    The industry actually asked for the ban. Since consumers no longer buy BPA-laced baby bottles, no one is actually making them.

    The feds may as well have banned unicorn hunting.

    Meanwhile, the "safer" baby bottles have a new secret ingredient. And it's no better than the BPA consumers are trying to avoid.

    It's worse.

    Remember that BPS I just mentioned? It's commonly used in the polyethersulfone (PES) plastics that are often found in "BPA-free" baby bottles.

    Like BPA, BPS also acts as estrogen inside the human body. It's slightly weaker than BPA, but it's also 19 times better at actually getting into the body -- so your little ones could actually get a BIGGER hormone blast from the supposedly safer new "BPA-free" bottles.

    In other words -- surprise, surprise -- the ban is protecting exactly nobody.

    Throw in the fact that BPA itself is still found just about everywhere else -- including hidden in canned foods and drinks, plastic food packaging, and more -- and it's clear your health and the health of your loved ones is still on the line with every sip, bite, chew, and swallow.

    Time to do some homework. Learn the names of these things and learn where they're found.

    And more importantly, learn to avoid them.

  3. The hormone that'll save your heart

    The moment I write the word "testosterone," I can sense all my female readers skipping ahead to the next story. Do so at your own risk because the so-called manly hormone isn't just for male sexual health and sports cheats. EVERYONE needs it -- and a new study proves what I've been saying all along: It's positively critical for heart health.
  4. The dangerous way to ease hot flashes

    Soy isn't a food -- it's a dangerous unregulated drug, and most people are getting dosed with it at every meal.
  5. The chemical that's giving you heart disease

    The hormone-like chemical I've been warning you about -- the BPA found in plastic bottles, food wrappers, can linings and more -- can leech into your food and drink and give you heart disease, according to a new study.
  6. Sex, lies and... celery?

    The fastest way to ruin your sex life is with a vegan diet, and that's the truth. But the bunny-huggers at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want you to believe that beans, sprouts, and soy will turn you into some kind of sexual superhero.
  7. Jane Fonda's secret helper

    I wouldn't be caught dead reading Jane Fonda's new book -- but it sounds like she's ripped a page or two right out of mine. Hanoi Jane has been making headlines for admitting that the wild septuagenarian sex she's been bragging about was actually fueled by testosterone supplements.
  8. Prostate treatment leads to brain woes

    A new study has found that men whose prostate cancer is treated with hormone deprivation therapy could experience memory loss and difficulty in concentrating.
  9. Protect yourself from killer hospitals

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    The world-renowned Children's Hospital Boston (CHB) - a paragon of pediatric healthcare - is being criticized by a pro-family group for offering sex-change "therapy" to patients as young as 10 years old!!
  10. New study finds Big Pharma gunk in our water supply

    An investigation conducted by the Associate Press revealed that an incredible variety of pharmaceuticals was found in the drinking supply of 41 million Americans.

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