1. Federal government pushes pills on future AIDS patients

    Uncle Sam picks pills over responsibility in AIDS fight

    Believe me when I tell you America's moral compass is so hopelessly broken, it's spinning like a top, my friend.

    Values are disappearing so quickly in our country that they're fast becoming the punchline of a bad joke. And the new world we're creating ought to scare the heck out of you.

    If you want proof, check out the shameless announcement by Big Pharma and our drug-loving government endorsing a new pill designed to keep high-risk folks from contracting AIDS.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has just announced appalling new guidelines recommending regular doses of Truvada for folks who practice promiscuity, inject illegal drugs, or regularly engage in unprotected sex with HIV-positive partners.

    The drug, manufactured by Gilead -- you know, those same saints who were caught testing AIDS drugs on African prostitutes -- allegedly can keep you from catching AIDS no matter how much damage you try to do to yourself.

    Well, fire up the band, toss those condoms in the trash, and start cooking up the heroin. This is the best thing to happen to junkies since crackpot city politicians started handing out free needles. It's a wonder pill that actually ENCOURAGES morally degenerate behavior! (And good luck with getting THAT group to be responsible enough to pop a daily pill.)

    Let me tell you something that the AIDS activist red-ribbon brigade is too politically correct to admit. Nobody in the world EVER has to catch AIDS. Right now, somewhere in America, legions of brainwashed folks are marching to help cure drug addicts, men who slept with hookers and other morally questionable figures who are fighting a disease they gave themselves.

    And you can forget the blood transfusion copout -- even our government admits that your chance of catching AIDS from a transfusion is one out of 1.5 million.

    We don't need a magic pill to avoid catching AIDS. We need a return to basic human morals like avoiding drugs and practicing safe sex -- or dare I even suggest monogamy. The CDC claims drugs like Truvada could eliminate up to 90% of AIDS cases, but the fact is we have the power to eradicate darned near 100% of AIDS cases, beginning today. And it all starts with instilling some simple morals in our population.

    When our founding fathers fought for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they weren't giving us a license to do whatever the hell we wanted -- and it's time today's government bureaucrats started remembering that.

    Because the REAL cure for AIDS can't be patented, and you'll never see it roll out of some Big Pharma factory.

    It's responsibility, plain and simple. And a daily dose of that will do a heck of a lot more for you -- and for this nation -- than anything the drug companies are cooking up.

  2. Teens caught sucking each other

    Kids just love their vampires these days.

    If you've been to the movies, a bookstore or even turned on the TV lately, you've probably seen some fanged creature engaging in its own form of penetration.

    Apart from the D.C. bloodsuckers who drain our bank accounts, vampires aren't real -- but that hasn't stopped young girls and their pale, wimpy boyfriends from playing a dangerous game of make-believe.

    You see, some youths love their fictional vampires so much that they're playing Dracula for real. They're actually biting each other so hard that they break the skin, and then they lick or suck up the blood.

    I could make an off-color joke here, but I don't want to distract you from the real issue -- and that's the fact that this is a dangerous and irresponsible habit that could lead to a lifetime of repercussions for your child or grandchild.

    Those rubber gloves healthcare workers put on before drawing blood aren't for show: Human blood can carry any number of pathogens -- from hepatitis B and C to HIV.

    The human mouth is also filthy and filled with bacteria -- especially the mouths of sweaty hormonal teens. Human mouths are dirtier than those of cats and dogs, which is why up to 15 percent of all human bite wounds become infected.

    I don't know how many kids are really playing vampire games, but found a number of Web sites where teens boast of how much blood they suck and how wonderful it tastes and feels.

    And I'd be willing to bet many young couples intimate enough to suck each other's blood are probably engaging in other risky activities together as well.

    That's reason enough to drive a stake through the heart of this bad fad before it's too late.

  3. Hospital exposes 11,000 veterans to deadly infections

    Reports have surfaced that four armed services veterans have tested positive for HIV, and 26 tested positive for hepatitis after they were treated with unsterile medical equipment at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals.
  4. Researchers use good science to make a bad recommendation

    A study finally proves that inflammation is a predictor of heart disease. But it also finds that using statin-based drugs to treat inflammation could cut the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease in half.
  5. Vegas clinics spread hepatitis C and HIV

    In a nauseating and shocking scandal, a Las Vegas clinic was discovered to be re-using medication vials and even old syringes.
  6. Put down that drumstick!

    In early November, 212 workers at a single Alabama poultry processing plant tested positive for tuberculosis.
  7. HIV Scandal Update

    Just days ago, I regaled you with a two-part series about six foreign medical workers (five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor) who've been rotting in a Libyan prison for over eight years

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