1. Heart Disease study finds it's time to chew the fat

    Anti-fat frauds eat humble pie

    Vincent Van Gogh and I must be kindred spirits, because I was never shocked by the story that he cut off his ear -- I was surprised he left the other one alone.

    He only sold one painting during his life, and there are only so many times a guy can be put down... or called a crackpot... before he starts to lose his marbles. It's just more proof that we geniuses usually have to die before we're appreciated.

    But, brother, I'm sure glad I stuck around for this.

    It turns out the same self-righteous health Nazis who have been attacking my "Eat Meat Not Sugar" war for decades are now eating a big old slice of humble pie -- and I can't shove it down their throats fast enough.

    A new study out of New Zealand proves once and for all that the greatest threat to your heart isn't your love handles or that T-bone grilling on your barbecue -- it's the processed sugar Big Food is tossing into your Keebler cookies and TV dinners by the shovel-full.

    Researchers from the University of Otago have concluded a massive analysis of 48 years' worth of research... literally every study they could get their hands on... and the evidence is clearer than a Beverly Hills swimming pool.

    Sugar is unleashing mass murder around the world.

    When researchers compiled all the data, they found that your sugar intake is the single greatest predictor of heart disease, regardless of what you weigh. It causes high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and just about any disease you can imagine. It's no wonder folks on the low-fat, high-carb diet are dropping dead in their 50s.

    The verdict is in, and the anti-meat, low-fat health nuts have been proven wrong once and for all. It's time to switch to a high-protein low-carb diet that adds years to your life and gives anti-sugar crusaders like me the one thing my earless pal Vincent never got to experience.


  2. Leading scientist says mainstream's anti-fat message is all wrong

    Heart scientist exposes 60 years of anti-fat fraud

    A deadly war of dis-information is being waged against every man, woman and child in the world, from Kansas to Kenya.

    Holier-than-thou health nuts have fooled reporters, politicians, and honest citizens into eating their poisonous fat-hating propaganda right out of their tofu-covered hands.

    But a leading scientist from one of America's premier heart centers is blowing the whistle on one of the greatest scams in medical history -- a series of mainstream medicine lies and cover-ups that have been forced down our throats for more than half a century.

    And if you happen to have been listening to them, rather than me, you may very well have been slowly killing yourself one miserable meal at a time.

    In a scathing piece just published in the journal Open Heart, Dr. James DiNicolantonio revealed that a 60-year old study that's the very foundation of the mainstream's war on fat is flawed, and may even be based on lies and outright fraud. Dr. Ancel Keys used his early 1950s research to proclaim that he found a link between saturated fat and heart disease in the seven countries he analyzed.

    There's only one problem -- and it's a doozie. Dr. Keys didn't study seven countries -- he studied 22. But two-thirds of those countries didn't fit Dr. Key's theory that saturated fat -- like the kind find in meat -- was bad for you, and they were "coincidentally" tossed out the window and never included in the study results!

    It's the kind of "oversight" that could ruin a researcher's reputation for life, but fate has been a bit kinder to Dr. Keys.

    In fact, he ended up being WORSHIPPED by health junkies everywhere! Entire generations of people have been brainwashed into believing that they're committing suicide every time they bite into a delicious hunk of beef.

    Well, your deprogramming starts today. Because, as Dr. DiNicolantonio points out -- and as I've been arguing for years -- there's not a shred of evidence linking fat to heart disease. In fact, cutting saturated fats and replacing them with carbs and processed sugars (the typical American diet) could put you on the fast track to an early death.

    Folks have been railing against meats that are rich I saturated fats for decades now, and frankly I'm running out of nice things to say at their funerals. Let's end this anti-fat war for good and finally admit what this entire, illogical movement has been based on from the start.

    Nothing but lies.

  3. "Mostly vegan" researcher backs study attacking meat

    Why did the leftist mainstream media refuse to report that the author of a new study blasting meat is "mostly vegan"?

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