high fructose corn syrup

  1. Sugar hurts men and kills women

    More proof that sugar is toxic

    They should stop calling it "soda" and start calling it "sissy juice."

    Not only would men stop drinking the junk, but it's also a much more accurate description of what this liquid garbage will do to you -- because the sugars in soda will sissify you almost as fast as a shot of estrogen.

    And ladies, you're not off the hook here either. In fact, for you they shouldn't call it "sissy" juice -- they should call it "DEATH DRINK," because that's just what it'll do to you, according to new research on mice.

    Male mice given "high" levels of sugar lost interest in the typical male urges. They stopped reproducing, stopped competing with sugar-free mice for mates and stopped defending their territory.

    They were practically turned into a bunch of girly-mice without the help of drugs or surgery.

    And in female mice, those same "high" sugar levels led to an early death -- they died off at twice the rate of mice given no sugar.

    I have to keep putting "high" in quotation marks because while the levels were in fact high -- 25 percent of the diet -- they were right in line with what roughly 75 million Americans gulp down daily.

    It's the equivalent of three 12-ounce cans of soda a day.

    In fact, the mix of glucose and fructose fed to the mice in the study was pretty much identical to what's found in the high-fructose corn syrup used to sweeten soda.

    But the part that should really shock you here is that these mice weren't obese. They didn't eat junk, junk and more junk.

    They were given a healthy diet, with sugared-up water for their drink.

    That's like a slender human who eats right but enjoys a soda or two with lunch and dinner and thinks it's OK because he's not packing on the pounds.

    Clearly, it's not OK.

    Now, you can dismiss this is just another study on mice, but do so at your own risk. You may not be a mouse, but you have a lot more in common with the critters than you might think.

    In fact, 80 percent of the things that are toxic to mice are toxic to you.

    Consider that next time you slurp some "sissy juice."

  2. HFCS in new diabetes link

    The sweetest way to give yourself disease

    So another study finds again that high-fructose corn syrup is worse for you than ordinary sugar, and all I can say is... SO WHAT?

    Being hit in the head with a brick is probably worse for you than being slugged with a two-by-four -- but I'm not going to waste any time trying to choose between one and the other.

    So I'm not going to harp much on the new study, either. Heck, it's barely even a study anyway -- more like a survey that looked at diabetes rates in 43 nations. The 20 nations that use high-fructose corn syrup most widely have a disease rate about 20 percent higher than the rest.

    But let's not read too much into this. Those 20 nations included places like Germany, where high-fructose corn syrup consumption is about a pound a year per person, as well as the United States, where the average HFCS consumption is more than a pound per person PER WEEK.

    It's hard to make an apples-to-apples -- or corn-to-corn -- comparison with differences that big.

    Here's what we do know: Studies on rats show they get fatter when fed high-fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. And other studies have shown HFCS is converted into fat faster. And the biggest source of HFCS for most people, soda, can cause blood sugar levels to spike and plunge rapidly -- leading to insulin resistance and eventually diabetes (among other things).

    But if HCFS will rush you to the brink of disease at 80 miles per hour, plain old sugar will do it at 70. It might taker a little longer, but it's still going to get you to your destination pretty darned quick.

    So stop worrying about which is better for you -- and just skip the added sugars in all their forms.

    P.S. -- But if you've already passed over that brink...and are struggling with diabetes today...learn how to get the secret to putting yourself on the fast-track to being "NON-diabetic" in this special report "Is diabetes a Bald-faced LIE!?" by our friends and affiliates at Health Science Institute.

  3. Common food additive in autism link

    The feds want you to believe the dramatic 78 percent rise in autism cases over the past decade is nothing more than a bookkeeping trick. There aren't more autistic kids -- just more docs who've learned to recognize the condition. Baloney!
  4. How the USDA is killing you

    Need more proof that the government's dietary guidelines will kill you? Try this one on for size: The USDA says that you can get up to 25 percent of your daily calories from added sugars such as high-fructose corn syrup. That's happens to be the same amount of sugar that has been PROVEN to put you on a collision course with heart disease.
  5. Corny debate over sweeteners

    If you really want to save your body, kiss the sweets goodbye.
  6. Studies reveal more dangers of high fructose corn syrup

    Here's a story that hasn't been getting nearly enough play in the media: mercury levels in High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) are sky high.
  7. TV ads try to sweeten public opinion on high fructose corn syrup

    A TV advertising campaign puts a friendly face on another horrible product. This time, it's Big Corn: the makers of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
  8. High fructose corn syrup takes a hit

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    The FDA ruled that products containing high fructose corn syrup can't be labeled as "natural."
  9. Sugary Sodas and their Health Implications

    It boggles my mind -- and boils my blood -- when the mainstream media reports on the deadly dangers of patented prescription drugs as though it's some kind of shocking, breaking news…

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