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  1. Chelation proven to boost heart health

    The heart helper being hidden by the mainstream

    There's a life-saving treatment now proven to prevent heart attack, stroke, and even death -- and they don't want you to know about it.

    Chelation can slash the risk of serious heart problems by 18 percent on average and by nearly 40 percent in diabetics, and, no, these numbers don't come from alt-med "radicals."

    They come from a major new study involving 1,708 patients, seven years, and $30 million in funding from the U.S. government. But instead of celebrating the study, the mainstream is struggling to explain why it should be ignored.

    Here's the best they can come up with: Chelation doesn't work -- can't work -- because we already know it doesn't work, and therefore not only must this study be false, but chelation shouldn't even be studied anymore.

    How's that for the pursuit of knowledge?

    Fact is, chelation DOES work -- and we have more than half a century of research showing it does wonders for everything from memory loss to cancer. It works by sending a chelating agent into the body intravenously, where it binds to toxins and draws them out.

    Chelation appears to be especially effective at breaking up and removing the calcium deposits that build up in the arteries, which is why it may help prevent heart problems -- as the new study clearly shows.

    There's no way to disprove those results, so the mainstream media has resorted to hinting darkly at "ethical problems" that supposedly invalidate the study itself. They don't explain that the only supposed "ethical problem" is that some patients weren't warned that the treatment might kill them.

    This is nonsense, by the way. There are a few patients who may not be able to handle chelation, in particular those who suffer from kidney problems and some of the more serious heart problems. A good doctor will check all that out in advance.

    The only real risks after that are to your wallet and calendar. Since it's an "alternative" treatment, chelation is rarely covered by insurance. And since it's not a one-time-only treatment, you will require up to 30 sessions -- each one lasting up to three hours. (Don't fall for the "fast" chelation therapies being promoted in some quarters -- do it right, or don't bother.)

    Get started by contacting a naturopathic physician experienced in chelation. I suggest a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

  2. Govt-mandated light bulbs release UV light

    New light bulbs could leave you burned... literally

    You might get sunburned without even leaving your home -- because the expensive new CFL light bulbs the feds are FORCING you to buy could roast you alive.

    You know the bulbs I'm talking about -- the ones that look like corkscrews made out of glass. They're supposed to be better for the environment, which is a bizarre claim since they're loaded with mercury.

    But toxic heavy metals aren't the only problems with these things. Unlike your old light bulbs, these new monstrosities emit UV light. The white protective coating over the bulb is supposed to block those UV rays, but a new study finds they do a lousy job of it.

    Nearly every single CFL bulb tested by researchers from the State University of New York at Stony Brook contained tiny cracks and bald spots in the protective coating, allowing UV rays to seep out.

    Now, I'm not one to panic over a little UV exposure. But I'm also not going to sit here and tell you to bask in UV light every waking minute, which is what will happen once these bulbs are in every socket, as mandated by U.S. law.

    Besides, even without the UV light these bulbs are practically death rays. Some people have reported dizziness and seizures after sitting under them, while others say they trigger migraines.

    And like I said earlier, they're loaded with mercury. The feds say not much, but every bulb contains enough of the toxic heavy metal to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water if it breaks.

    Does that sound safe to you? Of course not -- but soon, you're not going to have a choice since the old incandescent bulbs are being phased out under federal law.

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of those bulbs, either -- but they're light years ahead of these new ones. Stock up on them now... if you can still find them.

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