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  1. The common med that's destroying you from the inside

    New infection warning for heartburn meds

    The proton pump inhibitors taken by millions to lower stomach acid levels work so well they actually create the perfect breeding grounds for a bacteria called Clostridium difficile.

    If that name isn't Latin for "the worst possible bacteria you could have in your stomach," it should be. C-diff can cause severe diarrhea, and not just the kind that keeps you within striking distance of a toilet all day.

    C-diff is a debilitating assault on your gut that could actually kill you.

    If this sounds a little familiar, it's because I warned you about the risk all the way back in 2010. (Read about it here.)

    But if you've been relying on the feds for your drug safety information, then this would be the first time you heard about this -- because they wasted a full TWO YEARS before issuing their own warning.

    They claimed they needed more time and more research, despite the fact that several rock-solid studies had already made the link, including the two I told you about.

    So they waited... and waited... and waited... until they had reviewed 28 studies!

    And what do you know? Twenty-three of those 28 studies show that PPIs boost C-diff risk by as much as 275 percent.

    Trust me on this, it's not a risk you want to take. C-diff is tough to treat and even tougher to beat. It's resistant to many common antibiotics, and even if you find one that works, patients who take PPIs suffer a high rate of relapse.

    That's not the only nightmare linked to heartburn meds. New research confirms another risk I've been warning you about.

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  2. Heartburn meds linked to more pain & suffering

    I've been saying for years that people taking heartburn drugs don't really need them... and now the mainstream is finally ready to agree with me.

    An editorial in the Archives of Internal Medicine says that up to 70 percent of prescriptions for proton pump inhibitors -- drugs like Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid -- are completely unnecessary. Wait another year or two, and they'll probably say it's 100 percent.

    It's coming... because when the worm turns, it really turns -- and now, FIVE new studies in the Archives show how the overuse of these meds can do everything from shatter bone to make you poop your brains out, possibly even to death.

    I'll get to the deadly bowel evacuations in a moment... but first, the bones. One study on 161,000 postmenopausal women found that those who took these meds were 47 percent more likely to fracture their spines and 25 percent more likely to do the same to their wrists.

    The study found that calcium supplements didn't make a difference for these women. Not that I'd expect them to -- the only thing calcium candies will do for your bones is give you sore jaws and cavities from chewing on the things. But that's another story -- go into my archives and read the November 2009 issue of the Douglass Report for more on bone health.

    And if brittle bones aren't enough, two more studies show how these meds can leave you fighting the potentially deadly stomach bacteria, Clostridium difficile.

    These awful poop monsters are the only organisms tough enough to survive a PPI attack on your insides. And if you're unlucky enough to dance with C-diff, you'll feel like those insides are spilling out.

    C-diff can cause severe diarrhea, toxic megacolon and even death, especially in seniors.

    One study found people in hospitals who take PPIs every day are 74 percent more likely to come down with C-diff infections. Those who take these meds more often are twice as likely. And another study found that PPI patients are 42 percent more likely to see C-diff relapses than those who pass on heartburn meds.

    Having fun yet? And you still think PPIs are the best way to keep your hot dog from repeating on you?

    If you want to break free, go into my archives and read the August issue of the Douglass Report -- you'll never need another "purple pill."

    And if you've read all this and still want to take these meds, then I can't help you.

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