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  1. Cocoa vs. fluoride

    Cocoa-based toothpaste works better than fluoride

    Who needs fluoride when you've got cocoa?

    Yes, cocoa -- the main ingredient in chocolate. On its own, cocoa is a powerful protector of both the brain and heart. And now, new research shows how a compound inside cocoa can protect and strengthen teeth better than brain-rotting, cancer-causing, bone-cracking fluoride.

    In just one week of twice-a-day brushing, a fluoride-free toothpaste containing the cocoa compound theobromine was able to repair damage to sensitive teeth. And in just a few days, it managed to completely seal up dentinal tubules, according to the study.

    That's the part of the tooth that gets exposed after years of wear and tear, leaving you with sensitive and even painful teeth -- but the cocoa-paste managed to not only close it up, but it did so far better than several leading fluoride-based toothpastes.

    Now, I'm thrilled to hear about fluoride-free options for dental care. Fluoride is actually a toxic waste byproduct that can make you dumber (which is why the authorities LOVE to put it in water) and has been linked to a long list of major diseases.

    And for all that risk, it's not even very good at protecting teeth. In fact, it could actually DAMAGE your teeth.

    That said, the new study was funded by the makers of the cocoa-powered toothpaste, so you have to take it with a grain of salt (or a hunk of chocolate if you prefer).

    Plus, the cocoa toothpaste sure ain't cheap -- and that's if you can even find it at all.

    So let me give you a better option -- a proven way to protect your teeth for just pennies a day: baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

    Use a small amount of each to form a paste, and then work it into your teeth and gums (you don't even need a toothbrush). Rinse with the peroxide, don't forget to floss and you'll have the cleanest, strongest, whitest teeth in town.

  2. Party for your health

    Nights out can boost your health

    Here's a prescription for you. Get the guys together, hit the town and raise a little heck -- because it's not just fun.

    It's absolutely critical to your health and wellbeing!

    Turns out hanging out with your pals, having some drinks and horsing around is actually one of the best things you can do for your body, according to the latest research.

    Get together with four other buddies at least twice a week, and you'll enjoy better health and a stronger immune system -- giving you the power to fight off illness. You might even be more generous, according to the study.

    If there's one caveat here, it's that the study was funded by Guinness -- as in the beer company -- and of course they want men to go out and do more "guy stuff" since "guy stuff" almost always includes generous amounts of beer.

    But don't dismiss it, either.

    First, when guys get together for a back-slapping good time -- whether it's in a pub, a pool hall, or out on the links-- all that good cheer gets your body producing stress-busting endorphins.

    That, in turn, helps improve your health and fight disease.

    And second, even that pint of Guinness has a role here, because a moderate booze habit of any kind -- liquor, beer or wine -- can protect the heart and brain, improve your overall health and even increase your longevity.

    So if you were looking for an excuse to grab the guys and hoist a pint or two, here it is: Tell your wife you're doing it for your health.

    If that doesn't work, say you're doing it for HER health... because getting rid of you for a few hours will certainly improve her sanity.

  3. Fish oil 'drug' falls short

    The feds have rejected the expansion of a fish oil 'drug.' For once, the feds got it right.
  4. Magnesium can prevent heart disease

    New research confirms that magnesium can slash your risk of cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease and death from heart disease.
  5. Pepper compound can improve blood flow

    A compound found in hot peppers can relax the arteries and improve the flow of blood to the heart.
  6. The hormone that'll save your heart

    The moment I write the word "testosterone," I can sense all my female readers skipping ahead to the next story. Do so at your own risk because the so-called manly hormone isn't just for male sexual health and sports cheats. EVERYONE needs it -- and a new study proves what I've been saying all along: It's positively critical for heart health.
  7. Ignore everything you hear about this 'danger'

    The nag-nag-nag over salt just won't stop.
  8. What red wine can't do

    Everyone knows that red wine is good for your heart. Studies have shown over and over again that a glass or two a day can lower your heart disease risk. But a new study found that it won't do a thing for your blood pressure.
  9. Killer breath

    I've told you for years that oral health affects heart health. Now, one scientist has figured out the "why" behind this cause-and-effect relationship.
  10. Broken hearts & shattered lives

    A new study finds that men who take antidepressants end up with arteries so thick and hard you may as will line your insides with PVC pipe... and while that may be great for toilets, it can mean serious heart risk when it comes to your internal tubing.

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