heart disease

  1. Second-hand smoking study belongs in the ash can

    Good science goes up in smoke

    For a group of freedom haters who won't be happy until they've wiped every last tobacco product off the face of planet earth, there's one thing I can't help noticing about anti-tobacco activists.

    They sure blow a lot of smoke.

    These professional whiners have used decades of lies and manipulated science to convince half the poor saps in this country that if they catch so much as a whiff of tobacco smoke, they're headed straight for a chemo drip.

    But now these fume fighters have sunk to a new low.

    In a study that would be more at home in a comedy show than a medical journal, a group of scientists claim that kids who grow up in homes where both parents smoke may experience a slight thickening of their artery walls -- DECADES LATER!

    They want us to believe that the Virginia Slim your mom smoked at the dinner table when you were a kid turned into a time bomb hiding inside your body, waiting to explode 40 years down the road. Are you kidding me?

    Is there ANY problem that these nonsense-peddlers won't stoop to blaming on smoking? Suffering with a broken heart? Have a headache from your neighbor's dog barking too loud? Blame the Marlboro Man!

    Face it, your arteries aren't thickening because mom and dad smoked -- they're thickening because you eat garbage! And that makes perfect sense to everyone except the nutjobs who look at the world through tobacco-tinted glasses.

    So the next time you light up and one of these crazies gives you a dirty look, relax -- the smoke coming out of your mouth doesn't smell half as bad as the crap coming out of theirs.

    Smoke 'em if you got 'em,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  2. Leading scientist says mainstream's anti-fat message is all wrong

    Heart scientist exposes 60 years of anti-fat fraud

    A deadly war of dis-information is being waged against every man, woman and child in the world, from Kansas to Kenya.

    Holier-than-thou health nuts have fooled reporters, politicians, and honest citizens into eating their poisonous fat-hating propaganda right out of their tofu-covered hands.

    But a leading scientist from one of America's premier heart centers is blowing the whistle on one of the greatest scams in medical history -- a series of mainstream medicine lies and cover-ups that have been forced down our throats for more than half a century.

    And if you happen to have been listening to them, rather than me, you may very well have been slowly killing yourself one miserable meal at a time.

    In a scathing piece just published in the journal Open Heart, Dr. James DiNicolantonio revealed that a 60-year old study that's the very foundation of the mainstream's war on fat is flawed, and may even be based on lies and outright fraud. Dr. Ancel Keys used his early 1950s research to proclaim that he found a link between saturated fat and heart disease in the seven countries he analyzed.

    There's only one problem -- and it's a doozie. Dr. Keys didn't study seven countries -- he studied 22. But two-thirds of those countries didn't fit Dr. Key's theory that saturated fat -- like the kind find in meat -- was bad for you, and they were "coincidentally" tossed out the window and never included in the study results!

    It's the kind of "oversight" that could ruin a researcher's reputation for life, but fate has been a bit kinder to Dr. Keys.

    In fact, he ended up being WORSHIPPED by health junkies everywhere! Entire generations of people have been brainwashed into believing that they're committing suicide every time they bite into a delicious hunk of beef.

    Well, your deprogramming starts today. Because, as Dr. DiNicolantonio points out -- and as I've been arguing for years -- there's not a shred of evidence linking fat to heart disease. In fact, cutting saturated fats and replacing them with carbs and processed sugars (the typical American diet) could put you on the fast track to an early death.

    Folks have been railing against meats that are rich I saturated fats for decades now, and frankly I'm running out of nice things to say at their funerals. Let's end this anti-fat war for good and finally admit what this entire, illogical movement has been based on from the start.

    Nothing but lies.

  3. Feds are funding a hit job on natural cures with your cash

    Uncle Sam is pouring billions of your tax dollars into a hospital that's busy spreading lies about natural heart disease cures.
  4. Nanoparticles kill 80% of human cells

    They're in everything from our phones to our cosmetics, but a new study shows that dangerous and unregulated nanoparticles like copper oxide and zinc oxide may be killing your cells by the millions.
  5. Researchers find that we can smell dietary fat in food

    Those vegan meat haters are looking to get your nose out of joint -- literally! Researchers say they may be on the verge of using phony scents to trick you into eating less of the meat and dietary fat you need to keep your brain sharp, ward off heart disease, and control your weight.
  6. Bisphenol-A is linked to prostate tumors

    Uncle Sam says a lifetime of bisphenol-A (BPA) exposure won't do you any harm, so why did mice develop prostate cancer after just 14 days? A shocking new study on BPA, which has already been linked to heart disease, should be the nail in the coffin for this dangerous plastic hardener.
  7. Potentially dangerous drug on fast track for approval

    Merck's potentially deadly blood thinning drug vorapaxar was left for dead after disastrous clinical trials, but now it's getting new life thanks to an FDA panel stocked with drug company insiders. Is the FDA about to approve a drug that's been linked to serious internal bleeding and could be a killer for stroke patients?
  8. Chelation drastically reduces diabetes death risk

    Chelation may be public enemy number one for mainstream medicine, but this dirt cheap cure could cut your risk of dying from diabetes in half. The breakthrough Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy is showing that this safe, effective therapy can wipe away years of diabetes and heart disease damage in mere weeks.
  9. Heart disease boosts brain risk

    Women with heart disease and other heart problems have a higher risk of cognitive decline, according to new research.
  10. Vitamin D study falls short

    A study claims vitamin D supplements don't help -- but the study used low levels, and many people in it didn't even take them.

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