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  1. Study exposes sham war on salt

    Dutch scientists tell Uncle Sam to pound salt

    I guess I grew up in a superstitious home, because my mother would rather see cyanide spilled on her dinner table than salt. Spill even a little bit, and you were throwing a pinch over your shoulder to ward off bad luck.

    Well, it looks like this is one superstition our boneheaded federal government has debunked for good. Because they've been encouraging folks like you to toss your salt for years -- and all they've brought is misery and bad fortune on every poor sap silly enough to follow their advice.

    If you're tired of depriving your taste buds on the low-salt, low-fun diet ... if you retired your beloved salt shaker years ago, next to your bobby socks or high school varsity jacket ... I have some news that will have your mouth watering.

    Danish scientists say it's time for you to STOP cutting the salt -- and for Uncle Sam to START cutting the crap.

    Their massive new analysis of 25 studies found that there isn't a shred of evidence to support our federal government's decades-long war on salt. When it comes to his wild assertions that salt causes heart disease, Uncle Sam is like a fat guy trying to touch his toes -- he's really, really reaching.

    The study measured salt intake and health outcomes for nearly 275,000 people, and concluded that NOT getting enough salt may actually be more dangerous than consuming too much. After all, salt is an essential nutrient your body needs to transport oxygen and maintain your balance of fluids.

    Well, for a group of folks who prance around in clogs and believe in fairies, the Danes are making a lot of sense to me. I've told you before that a low-salt diet can boost your risk of early death by a staggering 500%!

    The good news is that most Americans are already tuning out our government's ridiculous recommendations on salt. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a daily salt limit of 1,500 mg. for folks over 50, but most Americans are consuming two to three times that much -- and that's exactly where you want to be.

    It's time for our government to get with the times -- and the science -- and stop its assault on delicious salt for good. And starting tonight, I want you to drag that salt shaker out of retirement and bring some spice back to dinner time.

    Just keep that varsity jacket in the closet where it belongs.

  2. Wine study puts a cork in mainstream's anti-alcohol crusade

    Quit whining -- and start "wine"-ing

    Believe it or not, she thinks she's doing you a favor. That neighbor who invited you over to lunch, but won't pour more than a splash of Merlot in your glass -- she actually thinks she's HELPING you out.

    She'll tell you how wine is bad for your blood sugar. She'll brag about her one-glass limit like she's the reincarnation of Mother Teresa.

    Well, you can finally tell her to put a cork in it. Because it turns out all those years you were guzzling wine and toasting to your health, you weren't kidding.

    You might not enjoy spelling Dr. Kari Poikolainen's name, but you're going to LOVE her message when it comes to enjoying your favorite wines. Dr. Poikolainen, who became famous as a top researcher for the World Health Organization, has proven that drinking a full bottle of wine a day won't harm your health -- but it could be the key to adding YEARS to your life.

    The mainstream has been attacking alcohol for so long you'd think Jack Daniels stole their lunch money and slapped their mother. But alcohol is like anything else in life -- moderation is key.

    In fact, Dr. Poikolainen found that wine is only unhealthy at about 13 units a day -- about 30% more than you'll get from a full, regular-sized bottle. Of course you don't have to down a whole bottle, but you aren't going to harm yourself if you do. Plus, red wine is packed with resveratrol that can help ward off everything from heart disease to diabetes.

    So do yourself a favor and inform that nosy neighbor that you take your wine by the bottle -- not the thimble. Tell her that next time, lunch is at your house -- and there'll be plenty of vino on the menu.

  3. Popular pain reliever boosts atrial fibrillation risk 84%

    The American Heart Association dispatched a Big Pharma-funded spokesperson to throw cold water on a study proving non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can trigger a deadly heart condition.
  4. Claims of gastric bypass beating diabetes mighty thin

    A new study shows that 75% of the time, gastric bypass fails to help patients control diabetes.
  5. Prescription-free cure for erectile dysfunction

    By treating the underlying causes of your impotence, there's a 29% chance you can eliminate erectile dysfunction without touching another pill.
  6. Cholesterol tests being pushed for fourth-graders

    A new recommendation for cholesterol screening for children as young as nine is part of a Big Pharma plan to force statins on kids.
  7. Radiation worthless for 60% of breast cancer cases

    A new British study proves that radiation doesn't add a single day of life for most women with breast cancer.
  8. New heart guidelines a cash grab for statins

    A new set of heart health guidelines from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association are designed to put up to 40% of U.S. adults on statins and make Big Pharma billions.
  9. High-fat diet slashes symptoms of aging 39%

    Study proves men who load up on meat and fish are living longer and more active lives.
  10. Candy companies smell sweet cash in cocoa craze

    Believe it or not, the inventor of Snickers and Skittles is trying to patent a pill to prevent heart disease.

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