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  1. This easy-to-spot wrinkle is a “red flag” for deadly heart disease

    Let’s face it, every time you check your reflection there could be another new wrinkle staring back at you. 

    Maybe you’ve even learned to ignore them. 

    But you’ll want to take a closer look after you read this… 

    Because ONE type of wrinkle isn’t just an annoying part of getting older – it’s actually an important sign of hidden heart disease. 

    The sign to look for: deep forehead wrinkles. 

    New research out of France shows that men and women with deeply furrowed brows are ten times more likely to die from heart disease! 

    Now, we’re not talking light or shallow lines. We’re talking deep wrinkles that track across the forehead.  

    If you have a smooth forehead, you have the least risk of dying from a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular event. 

    You may be wondering whether this particular type of wrinkle matters more than other types of wrinkles.  

    Good question. The answer is yes – it does. The researchers found that crow’s feet and other wrinkles played no role at all. 

    Scientists believe the reason is that your forehead has smaller blood vessels. When there’s hardening of the arteries and plaque build-up, the lack of blood flow shows up fastest where the blood vessels are small.  

    In other words, in your forehead. 

    This matches up with another sign of hidden heart disease: earlobe creases. It’s called Frank’s sign, after the doctor who discovered it, Dr. Sanders T. Frank.  

    The area is similarly fueled by tiny blood vessels.  

    To spot earlobe creases, check for a diagonal wrinkle across your earlobe. It looks like you folded your ear lobe in half and it left a crease. Its presence has been linked to a 45% higher risk of heart attack or stroke. 

    Of course, there are other more conventional signs of heart disease, like high blood pressure. But these two “wrinkle-indicators” are easy to see with your own eyes. 

  2. How to keep your heart SAFE (Even if you’re eating JUNK)

    In some ways, I’m like a lot of doctors – I’m always preaching to my patients about the importance of eating well.

    But I secretly wonder how many of them leave my office and make a bee-line for the McDonald’s drive-through.

    Believe me, I get it… sort of.

    We’re surrounded by fast food and processed “convenience” foods that promise to fill our bellies in just a couple minutes.

    But I don’t have to tell you about the toll that these foods are taking on your heart.

    Fortunately, there’s an amazing compound that acts like a suit of armor for your heart, shielding it from damage.

    And it’s especially important if you’re not eating as well as you should.


    I’ve talked to you about the “French Paradox” before. Basically, the French have lower rates of heart disease – even though they eat a lot of sweets and smoke like chimneys.

    Scientists think it’s the resveratrol found in red wine that is protecting those French hearts.  

    Resveratrol is a compound that acts like an antioxidant in our bodies, protecting us from inflammation and oxidative stress.

    And, believe me, your body suffers from PLENTY of inflammation and oxidative stress when you eat junk food.

    Research over several decades has shown resveratrol helps slash your risk of heart disease.

    But the benefits of resveratrol don’t stop there. It’s also great for:

    • Stopping aging: When you stop free radicals and oxidative damage, cellular aging slows down.
    • Preventing cancer: Damage to DNA is one of the key triggers in cancer. Antioxidants, like resveratrol, help you protect your cells.
    • Boosting your brain: Resveratrol crosses the blood-brain barrier and protects the brain like no other antioxidant.
    • Stabilizing blood sugar: Resveratrol helps with blood sugar and insulin control. This feature of resveratrol explains why it can help with weight loss, too.

    You can find resveratrol in the skin of red grapes, red wine, raw coca, berries (blueberries, bilberries, and other berries).

    The processing and fermentation of wine leads to higher availability of resveratrol, but that’s still not the best way to get it.

    If you want to make sure you get enough resveratrol to keep your body in tip-top shape, then supplementing is your best bet.

  3. Finally! Decades of aspirin LIES have just been exposed

    It’s the little white pill that’s supposed to keep you from EVER having a heart attack. And if it sounds too good to be true… that’s because it is. Big Pharma has made a FORTUNE convincing Americans to take an aspirin a day to prevent heart attacks and strokes. The aspirin is supposed to thin your blood, preventing clots and...
  4. “Forbidden” food SLASHES heart attack risk

    So-called health “experts” have been trying to get you to quit red meat for YEARS. They’d stamp a skull and crossbones right on your porterhouse if they could! They’ll even tell you that red meat can cause everything from heart disease to cancer. The only problem? It’s all LIES and propaganda – and a new study proves it. In fact...
  5. Firing up the grill? Read this first

    There’s nothing like a juicy, perfectly charred piece of meat for dinner, is there? And if you’re like me (and half of Americans are), Labor Day’s passing won’t stop you from grilling! But whether you’re a year-round grilling master or a summertime BBQ champ, there’s a trick to cooking your tri-tip or rib rack that you need to know before...
  6. Protect your heart with a handful of nuts

    It never fails. You're out and about... hunger pangs strike... and you're up a creek without a snack. It's a good reminder to always keep a healthy on-the-go nibble in your knapsack or purse. But even though the usual suspects like dried fruit, trail mix, and granola bars carry well, they're typically PACKED with enough sugar to spike your blood...
  7. Heart disease can be prevented

    Don't let your heart take you before your time Imagine... you go in for routine heart surgery, but you never make it out alive. You should have come out just fine. You weren't ready to go yet. But instead, complications from that surgery became deadly. I'm not trying to scare you to death (so to speak), but this is a...
  8. Stress linked to heart disease

    Brain scans have shown the link between stress and heart disease and stroke, but you can boost your cardiovascular health with these natural stress relief therapies.
  9. Big Pharma pushing statins to treat heart disease in kids

    From chewable versions to new testing guidelines, drug companies are making a major push to sell statins to kids for heart disease prevention.
  10. Study proves eggs don’t increase heart disease risk

    Researchers from Finland couldn’t find any evidence that regularly consuming eggs puts you at any greater risk for heart disease.

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