Want to know what happens when you inject a bunch of bubbles into a liquid poison, and then seal it in a can?

You get diet soda!

This stuff isn't a "drink" so much as a collection of dangerous chemicals, so it's no surprise that a new study finds AGAIN that people who drink the most of this junk have the highest health risks.

In this case, those risks are heart attack and stroke, as a study that tracked nearly 2,600 seniors for more than a decade finds that daily diet drinkers have a 44 percent higher chance of either.

But the study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine is practically good news compared to all the OTHER risks that come from a regular diet soda habit.

Despite the word "diet" in the name, this stuff can actually cause you to GAIN weight instead of losing it. What's more, it's also been linked to metabolic syndrome.

That's the condition that's so close to diabetes you can practically taste it through the straw of your Big Gulp -- and if you keep at it, you'll taste some heart disease, too.


A big part of the reason, of course, is diet soda's main ingredient. It's a chemical sweetener called aspartame that's been linked to cancer, premature birth, migraines, memory loss, tinnitus and 80-something other side effects.

It's literally the most dangerous ingredient ever approved for human consumption. (Learn more about the horrors of aspartame here.)

Not that regular soda's much better. Whatever aspartame doesn't get around to doing, the sugar in regular soda will -- so do yourself a favor, and skip the sweetened fizzy drinks in all their forms.

PS: Did you know that even the COLOR of soda is dangerous? It's true! Read this for more.