Why you want to increase your magnesium intake ASAP

Is there anything magnesium can't do?

This mineral can literally keep your heart beating -- that's how critical it is -- but it can also slash your risk of everything from stroke to death by heart disease.

Now, new research shows it can even cut the risk of colon cancer by 11 percent -- but only in people who get the most. That's the catch, because unless you eat more spinach than Popeye or take a magnesium supplement, you're simply not getting nearly enough.

You might want to fix that ASAP... because magnesium is the spark behind more than 300 reactions inside the body. And in the new look at data on 338,979 patients, every boost of 50 mg led to a 7 percent reduction in colon cancer risk.

That's right in line with another recent analysis that linked every 100 mg boost in magnesium intake to a 12 percent reduction in colorectal risk.

Of course, you can only take this kind of stuff so far, even if the studies never do. You can't, for example, cut your risk of colon cancer to zero simply by taking megadoses of magnesium.

This stuff is good... but it sure ain't that good.

There's still only one way to truly slash your colon cancer risk, and it's the one most people avoid -- and that's getting your internal plumbing checked via a colonoscopy.

I know, I know -- sounds awful, right? Well, just about everything you've heard about the colonoscopy is wrong... because if it's done right, you'll barely feel a thing.

And unlike most other cancer screenings out there, colonoscopy is actually proven to save lives.

So go ahead and boost your magnesium, since this stuff is essential in any case. But it's even more essential that you schedule that colonoscopy you've been putting off.