1. Misleading Tamiflu study could cost the world billions

    Are scientists manipulating data to sell billions in Tamiflu?

    You could practically set your watch by it, couldn't you? Every couple of years, our members of Congress -- you know, the same folks you haven't seen since LAST Election Day -- get off their duffs and return home.

    There they are, parading down Main Street, kissing babies, slapping you on the back, and making every tired, old promise in the world -- and it's all because they need your vote.

    Well, not all politicians come clad in Armani suits, friend. In fact, some wear lab coats. And right now, a group of slick medical scientists could be pulling the political con job of the century, trying to win votes for a Big Pharma wonder med that's going to cost you and your fellow taxpayers BILLIONS.

    British and American scientists are collaborating on new research claiming that Tamiflu -- the "anti-flu" drug that's linked to everything from diarrhea to hepatitis -- reduced your risk of dying from swine flu (H1N1) by 25%.

    Good thing these Keystone Cops are on the case, right? The swine flu outbreak happened five years ago, and these researchers are FINALLY getting around to studying whether the medicine we used worked at all.

    Why now? Let me give you a hint -- its green, you fold it, and it's not that cheap suit you bought last St. Patrick's Day. Government stockpiles of Tamiflu around the world are getting ready to expire, and countries everywhere have to decide whether to purchase new doses of this potentially dangerous drug.

    And Big Pharma isn't about to leave those decisions to chance.

    Well, my friend, they can cook the books all they want, but here's a little equation that Albert Einstein himself couldn't solve -- how do you reduce ZERO by 25%?

    Because according to our government's own data, your chance to catching swine flu and EVER needing a single dose of Tamiflu is basically zero. Swine flu killed as few as 2,500 Americans in 2009 -- that means you had a 40% greater chance of DROWNING that year.

    Tamiflu didn't save millions of lives -- it just cost billions of dollars while unleashing a horror show of side effects on unsuspecting victims. Our government spent $1.5 billion tax dollars stockpiling Tamiflu before the swine flu outbreak, and they're going to just keep throwing more cash in that kitty until we make them stop.

    So the next time you spot your Congressman strolling down Main Street bending over to kiss babies, make sure you take a second to bend HIS ear. Tell him to stop wasting your money on a drug we don't need or use. And then tell him to haul those expired stockpiles of Tamiflu right to the trash where they belong.

  2. WHO wants a vaccine?

    New swine flu fears emerge

    The World Health Organization is crying "wolf!" again, claiming there's a powerful new strain of swine flu making its way around the world.

    And that means it's time for Fake Flu: Part II -- the sequel to one of the ugliest and most expensive chapters in the history of public health.

    Turns out, they're not done scamming us yet -- because now these vaccine hustlers are claiming that the H1N1 virus is mutating, and that this new form may be even deadlier than last year's strain.

    What's more, they also wrote in Eurosurveillance that anyone who's already gotten a vaccine -- including this year's "all-inclusive" shot -- may need another one real soon.

    WHO the heck do they think they're fooling this time?

    Most of us saw right through last year's Phony Pig Panic, when millions of doses of the vaccine went to waste as people around the world pulled down their sleeves and just said "NO!"

    And if you stood your ground, good for you -- because the patients who put their trust in public health officials got something other than advanced protection from a deadly disease.

    They got conned... and those who lost only money got off lucky. Some patients fell down, passed out, got sick, and even died after their shots. (You can read about it here.)

    Health officials claimed at the time that all the carnage was just coincidental -- but now, they're not so sure.

    British officials are finally looking into the link between the vaccine and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a devastating, paralyzing and potentially fatal nerve disease that hit a suspiciously large number of last year's vaccine victims.

    Here's the real deal: Good hygiene will keep the virus off your hands and out of your body, and a strong immune system will help you fight the flu if you are exposed.

    Remember, the overwhelming majority of people who get the flu survive, and most recover within a few days.

    You will too... but I can't say the same about anyone who's suffering the effects of the vaccine.

  3. Stocking up for potential pandemics

    As it turns out, H1N1 could be good business for the makers of surgical masks as well. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the current nationwide supple of surgical masks is somewhere around 119 million.
  4. Deadly form of pneumonia on the rise

    The next epidemic on the horizon could well be pneumonia that's powered by the so-called "super bug" Methicillin-resistant Stphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

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