1. How berries boost your brain

    Despite what you've heard, you don't NEED to eat fruits and vegetables to stay healthy -- and some of them are outright bad for you.

    Want to know what's inside an orange, apple or grape? Sugar! And not much else -- even the famous antioxidants in grapes and apples are concentrated in the skin, not the wet sacks of sugar inside.

    But berries are different. Berries do have natural sugars, but they're also loaded with incredible nutrients, including some you won't get anywhere else. And now, a new analysis shows why you don't need drugs to protect your brain from the ravages of aging -- just a handful of berries.

    Researchers looked at studies on just about every level -- human, animal, and cellular -- and found not the usual weak "association" between a food and a benefit I'm always warning about it.

    Instead, they found actual, specific benefits -- especially in the brain.

    In this case, they say the nutrients in berries enhance neuron communication, which in turn can not only help keep your mind sharp -- it can help keep you steady on your feet, too.

    One study even finds that berries can take over when your own body falls short.

    Over the years, we lose the ability to clean the trash out of our brains -- and I don't mean stray thoughts (although that can happen, too). No, in this case, cells called microglia that normally clean up the debris of aging start to peter out.

    But the polyphenols in berries can wake them up again and get them back on the job -- helping to keep your brain cells neat and tidy.

    These same nutrients also prevent inflammation. Throw in the fact that they taste great, and you've got my permission to eat berries every day.

  2. The grape cancer cure

    As far as I'm concerned, a grape is a ball of sugar wrapped in a purple or green skin -- and unless it's in a wineglass, I want nothing to do with it.

    But the grape seed is another story -- because locked inside all that sugar just might be the next great cure for cancer.

    In a series of experiments in both a lab dish and on living mice, researchers found that grape seed extract can ignite a self-destruct sequence in head and neck cancer cells without doing a drop of damage to any of the surrounding healthy tissue.

    In some cases, the extract slowed the growth of the cancer by a stunning 67 percent.

    This isn't the first study to find grape seed can beat cancer -- previous research has shown the extract can also do a number on leukemia cells.

    It's only a matter of time before Big Pharma catches on -- but they won't sell you grape seed extract. They'll sell you some patented chemical copy that's not nearly effective and comes with big risks to boot.

    Isn't that how it always works?

    Don't even bother waiting for their version: You can get plain old grape seed extract right now in just about any health food store -- and that's not the only potential cancer cure hidden in a piece of fruit.

    Next week, my Douglass Report newsletter is going to have the inside scoop on the most promising -- and delicious -- cancer cure yet. It's a tropical fruit you already know and love, and in a recent study it ran circles around one of the world's leading chemotherapy drugs.

    Sign up today and I'll make sure you're one of the first to read all about it.

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