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  1. The 'everyday' food that can ruin your life

    How white rice causes diabetes

    Rice is eaten around the world because it's cheap and fills bellies -- not because it's healthy or tasty.

    It's neither, and the latest research shows what happens when you chow down on bowl after bowl after bowl of this tasteless white stuff: You get diabetes.

    I know what you're thinking -- but what about the Japanese? They eat tons of the stuff, and they don't get diabetes... right?


    Japan was one of the four countries looked at in the new study, and for good reason: It's one of the top five nations in the world for diabetes. A shift to the Western-style diet there is surely a big part of it, but that rice habit isn't doing anyone any favors either.

    In fact, the new study -- which also looked at data from China, Australia, and the United States -- finds that each daily bowl boosts the risk of the disease by 10 percent.

    That's because eating rice is as close as you can come to eating a candy bar without the actual candy. It's a starch that causes your blood sugar levels to spike with every bowl.

    Eat a bowl with every meal, and your glucose levels are sent off on a roller coaster ride three times a day -- and since your poor pancreas can't keep up, eventually it just gives up.

    And you've got diabetes.

    Of course, the message from the mainstream here is to swap your white rice for brown. But as far as I'm concerned, starch is starch -- and just because one might be better than the other doesn't mean it's good for you.

    It's not.

    Studies have shown that people who eat brown rice are less likely to get diabetes than those who eat white, but that's only part of the picture. People who eat NO rice and few starches are even less likely to get the disease, and that's really what you want to aim for.

    And speaking of foods guaranteed to give you disease, I've got the latest on soda coming up next.

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  2. How soda can slowly kill you

    Breaking news: Sugar is bad for you!

    I know, I know -- you'd have to be soft in the head to think this stuff won't damage your heart… but judging by the always-rising sales of sugary drinks, that message hasn't exactly sunk in with the masses.

    Now, a new study confirms -- surprise, surprise! -- that sugar will wreck your insides even if you're perfectly slim on the outside… and that women in particular face the highest risks.

    Soda, bottled teas, juice drinks, energy drinks, and those crazy "coffee" concoctions from Starbucks -- you name it, researchers say women who drank just two a day over five years were 400 percent more likely to have high triglycerides than women who didn't drink the stuff, no matter what they weighed.

    What's more, those two daily drinks threw glucose levels so far out of whack that these women -- yes, even the thin ones -- were already facing a higher risk of diabetes.

    But I don't need to see yet another study on this -- just the ingredients labels on those drinks: A single can of soda contains TEN teaspoons or sugar, while a small bottle of that garbage contains 16.

    How can that NOT wreck your insides?

    Don't think you can get yourself off the hook by switching to diet soda -- because if there's anything worse for you than sugar, it's the chemical sweeteners used in low-calorie drinks.

    And the worst of the worst is the most common artificial sweetener of all: aspartame. This lab-created monstrosity has been linked to cancer, dementia, premature birth, migraines, seizures, and more.

    In other words, if you're at all interested in keeping healthy, avoid both sugary drinks and diet drinks.

    Coffee, tea, seltzer, water (filtered by reverse osmosis) and even booze are all much better options.

  3. Shake away diabetes?

    I've seen oodles of wack-a-doodle diabetes treatments in my time -- but this one takes the shake. I mean "shake" and not "cake" because that's what you'll get on this daffy new plan: diet shakes, and not much else.
  4. Diet soda in new disease link

    And they have the nerve to call it "diet" soda? It must be a diet straight out of you-know-where -- because new studies find yet again that guzzling this junk will cause your belly bulge and send you hurtling down the path towards diabetes. But that's not CO2 in your growing gut -- that's plain old fat, and it's being...

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