If your 8-year-old child suddenly announces he wants to be a U.S. Marine, would you hand him a rifle and put him on the next flight to Kabul?

Of course not!

Yet parents of kids going through some classic gender confusion are doing just that. Instead of shrugging, rolling their eyes, and letting it pass -- and it WILL pass -- they're not only encouraging it... they're letting the kid dress and live as the opposite gender.

Some of them are even giving their kids puberty-blocking drugs and SEX CHANGE OPERATIONS!

It's so nuts, I don't know what's worse here: the child abuse from the parents or the medical malpractice by the doctors who allow this.

One of these quacks wrote in Pediatrics that kids who believe they were born the wrong sex should be allowed to transform into whatever they want.

He claims these kids actually have brain differences that make them more like members of the opposite sex on the inside. But if they're so naturally in tune with the other gender, why does he also recommend $1,000 a month in puberty-blocking drugs once they reach that age?

Sounds very UN-natural to me -- but highly profitable for him.

The drugs stop the sexual development of these kids so they can more easily live as the opposite gender. They also help make sex-change surgery easier when the kid turns turn 18.

But how about this: DON'T give the kids $1,000 a month in drugs. Let puberty do its job instead -- because there's nothing like a surge of NATURAL hormones to point a confused kid in the right direction.