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  1. Bariatric surgery cheerleaders unveil shameful sales pitch

    Weight-loss surgery claims are hard to stomach

    I'm living proof that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. When I meet a gal who can cook a perfect rib eye with all the trimmings, I fall head over heels fast.

    But I guess those masochists in the mainstream don't have a romantic side… or maybe they're just a bit too literal. Because these bozos are convinced that the path to better heart health runs straight through your belly -- and they have the PERFECT gruesome surgery to prove it.

    The mainstream monkeys at the Mayo Clinic -- the folks who perform 72,000 surgeries a year, enough to cover HALF the population of Dayton, OH -- are now claiming bariatric surgery can help you prevent a heart condition you'll probably never develop in the first place.

    In their study, just presented at the Heart Rhythm Society's annual conference, Mayo researchers tracked 438 obese patients to see whether a gastric bypass prevented them from developing atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat.

    And if you ask me, some federal prosecutor ought to take every darn word of that study and turn it into a criminal indictment.

    Where do I start? First, a full 75% of the patients studied opted for bariatric surgery, which has already killed HUNDREDS of people around the world. If you were ever looking for rock-solid proof that the mainstream is steering fat folks toward surgery, instead of counseling them on healthy weight loss, this was it.

    Even worse, when all was said and done, bariatric surgery only reduced A-Fib risk by a measly 10 percentage points. Meanwhile, as I've told you before, fish oil can slash your A-Fib risk 30%, and you don't need some surgeon to slice your belly open.

    The mainstream will stop at nothing to talk you into dangerous gastric bypass and bariatric surgeries that leave you puking your guts out after every meal and can cause potentially deadly vitamin deficiencies. They're like a slimy used car salesman trying to sell you a car with no engine by bragging about its lovely leather interior.

    But let's get real -- A-Fib is only common among senior citizens, particularly folks over 70. And these ARE NOT the same folks lining up for gastric bypass. For the rest of you, your chance of getting A-Fib is less than 1%.

    You might be a little porky, but don't get sold this pig in a poke. Because there's one thing bariatric surgery is practically guaranteed to deliver, and it's not a slim figure or a new lease on life.

    It's a lifetime of regret -- and there are corpses all over the world to prove it.

  2. Claims of gastric bypass beating diabetes mighty thin

    Gastric bypass surgeons spreading billion-dollar lie

    If you've ever had some silver-tongued surgeon try to con you into a gastric bypass surgery, you probably felt like you were watching a Pinocchio cartoon -- it was one fib after another.

    The pounds were going to melt away like a popsicle on the Fourth of July. Your clothes were going to hang off you like a plus-sized burka on a baby. Heck, your friends wouldn't even recognize you anymore!

    And, of course, he was just setting you up for the biggest whopper of them all -- you might finally be able to shed those painful insulin injections and beat diabetes for good.

    Well, an eye-opening new study has finally exposed these scalpel-wielding millionaire surgeons for what they REALLY are.

    A pack of liars and money-grubbing thieves.

    The research, just published in the New England Journal of Medicine, followed for three years 150 diabetics who turned to gastric bypass surgery to shed pounds and, hopefully, their diabetes. And for the vast majority of these folks, gastric bypass wasn't a panacea -- it was a first-class ticket to disappointment.

    In fact, gastric bypass did NOTHING to help 75% of these poor patients control their diabetes.

    Of course, this study was funded by a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that makes surgical devices, so the mainstream spin machine is working overtime trying to convince you that a 25% success rate isn't terrible.

    Well, 4:1 odds aren't bad if you're betting on a racehorse -- but when you're gambling with your health, it isn't a bet worth taking. Because while chances are that gastric bypass won't send your diabetes packing, it could have you permanently relocating to that giant fat farm in the sky.

    Gastric bypass has already killed thousands of folks just like you around the world. And even the poor saps who survive the surgery are often dead a couple years later as serious vitamin and nutrient deficiencies shut down their organs one by one.

    Just a few weeks back, I told you about a British mom who literally starved to death as she learned the hard way what the weight loss that accompanies gastric bypass doesn't come with an "off" switch. You'll lose weight -- but you might not be able to stop.

    If you're dealing with a serious weight issue, unseat your seat by picking up an active hobby and switch to protein-rich diet that practically eliminates those pound-packing carbs. Plus work on learning, and overcoming, the stresses and triggers that cause you to overeat in the first place.

    But don't for a minute trust some surgeon in an Armani suit who gets paid whether you live or not. Because he might flash you a million-dollar smile and give you a look at those perfect teeth -- but odds are, he's lying right through them.

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  4. Gastric bypass surgery a slow killer

    Millions of obese patients are lining up for gastric bypass surgery, and mainstream medicine is raving about its success. But the evidence is mounting that gastric bypass is a slow killer that could start you on the path towards your grave the minute you leave the hospital.
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  7. The REAL risks of weight-loss surgery

    Listen to the marketing hype, and you'd think weight-loss surgery is as simple as "fat today... thin tomorrow." But despite the promises made by the billboards, TV spots, and radio ads, these procedures aren't simple -- and they sure as heck aren't safe.
  8. Frightening Facts on Fallacious Fat-fighting

    According to a recent Associated Press article, some doctors are now warning that bariatic surgery - which jumped 40% in frequency in 2005 from the year before - can increase a patient's risk of a rare, yet serious neurological condition called Wernicke's encephalopathy.

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