Dicey bone-building pill could be a heart-stopper

Imagine it's the 1870s and you and the family are working the homestead in some Midwestern prairie town.

That's when a traveling snake oil salesman set up shop in the village square and unloads the worst sales pitch you've ever heard. He tells you his miracle tonic won't regrow your hair or loosen up that balky knee -- heck, he admits it may even kill you.

Then he tries to sell it to you for $100 a bottle.

And if that sounds crazier than having your shoes shined in a dust storm, then you'll be sorry you missed a recent Merck shareholders meeting. Because a drug company scientist violated Big Pharma's first rule of business.

He told the truth. He admitted Merck's new drug is a would-be killer -- and they're going to try to sell it to you anyway.

Merck, which rakes in a cool $48 billion a year off your misery, has announced it's going to plow ahead and seek FDA approval for its potentially dangerous osteoporosis drug odanacatib. And odanacatib will strengthen your bones alright -- in fact, you may have the finest looking skeleton in the cemetery.

That's because even Merck's top researcher is admitting that the drug has been found to cause strokes and atrial fibrillation -- a rare and possibly deadly irregular heartbeat -- among folks in clinical trials.

But Merck has poured MILLIONS into developing drugs like odanacatib, and I imagine your life is worth a heck of a lot less to them than that.

This isn't some outrage -- it's the new normal. Big Pharma is bringing DOZENS of potentially deadly drugs to market each year, practically daring the cowards at the FDA to reject them.

But like an unemployed mason, Uncle Sam just doesn't have the stones. If you want to keep your bones rock solid as you age, try natural supplements like magnesium that are great for your bones AND your heart.

But skip Merck's latest wonder cure. Because it's a potential killer... and that smiling carnival barker trying to sell you a bottle knows it.