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  1. Food labels coming out of the shadows

    Fat, lazy... and illiterate?!?

    I don't know why most Americans bother to get out of bed in the morning. We've made ourselves useless!

    We have machines to change the channels for us, ones that answer the phones for us, and even one that will vacuum our floors while we take a nap. Heck, you can even strap an electronic stimulator on your abs so you never have to do another sit-up again!

    For Pete's sake, this was the great nation that invented the light bulb and the airplane! Have we REALLY become this lazy?

    Apparently so, because our government may be about to spend millions implementing a policy that will affect every scrap of food at every supermarket in America -- and it's all because we're too lazy to turn a bag of potato chips around.

    The Food and Drug Administration is considering requiring food companies to move nutrition labels to the front of their packages, because nobody is paying attention to them on the back. We're on the verge of investing a king's ransom, simply because some folks can't be bothered to rotate a can of soup!

    How about we stop turning to nanny state legislation to save us from ourselves and start relying on evolution instead? Because, let's be honest, if you can't be bothered to learn which poisonous additives, colorings and sugars you're putting into your own body, you deserve whatever happens next.

    And let me tell you something else, if you're filling your cart each week with foods with mile-long lists of ingredients that didn't even exist a century ago you're barking up the wrong tree anyway. Stick to natural foods like organic meats, fruits and vegetables, and avoid the processed, sugar-laden garbage.

    Because, at the end of the day, who cares where they put the nutrition label on a pack of Oreos? Let some other sap eat that trash.

    Giving fools the label they deserve,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  2. Attention Walmart shoppers: Eat this, not that

    Freedom Friday: Retail giant wants to tell you what to eat

    Everyone -- and I mean EVERYONE -- is trying to tell you what to eat.

    The feds, the food industry, your doctors, media know-it-alls and more -- and if that's not enough, now you can add one more name to the growing list of lecturers.

    Starting next month, Walmart is going to put labels on its products that tell you which foods are "GREAT FOR YOU."

    I'm not kidding -- that's the label.

    I've had an advance look at the list of what Walmart thinks is "GREAT FOR YOU," and I have to say it IS actually great for you... if you happen to be building a fallout shelter.

    The list is packed with enough canned meats, canned vegetables, pasta, rice (brown of course), beans, and nonfat dry milk to ride out the apocalypse.

    Fresh fruit and vegetables also make the cut, but fresh meats don't unless they meet the USDA definition of lean. And don't even think about touching real, fresh milk -- only skim and 1% are GREAT FOR YOU.

    It's downright insane, because it's the fats and cholesterol from fresh meat and dairy that are in fact GREAT FOR YOU, not the tasteless junk Walmart is trying sell.

    The initiative doesn't end there, either.

    Walmart's other GREAT FOR YOU claim to fame is that they're getting food makers to create "healthier" products. And you're not going to believe what they consider "healthier."

    The biggest move so far was strong-arming meatpackers into cutting the amounts of sodium used in the solutions that meats are soaked in. But the real reason those meats are soaked in any kind of solution in the first place is to soak you -- so you pay $6.99 a pound for a salt water solution along with your meats.

    If the meat is still being packed in weight-adding liquids, it's still a rip-off no matter how much or how little salt they use. (And since it comes from a meatpacking plant, odds are it's crawling with bacteria, too -- not so "great for you" after all!)

    Forget Walmart or any other supermarket and head straight for the nearest butcher instead. Tell him you want as many grass-fed cuts of fatty organic beef as you can carry home.

    Now that's what I call "GREAT FOR YOU."

  3. Just another word on a label

    Organic food doesn't just cost more... it makes people stupid, too.
  4. New study finds calorie counts wildly off

    I stopped believing long ago any claims made by the food industry fat I wasn't surprised in the least by a new study that finds calorie information on menus and food labels to be flat-out false.

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