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  1. Dirty tricks from dirty farms

    Freedom Friday: Farms want to turn information into a crime

    The Big Food producers are sick and tired of all those embarrassing photos and videos of abusive and disturbing practices at their factory farms, and they're finally ready to do something about it.

    And if you're thinking, "they're going to make farms better and produce safer food," you're obviously not thinking like a food industry boss.

    Nope... that would be much too hard, not to mention expensive. Here's a much easier solution: Ban the photos and videos, and have anyone caught taking them thrown into jail.

    No more pictures of drug-crazed animals living knee-deep in their own feces moments before being slaughtered and shipped off to your dinner table... no more problems.

    Out of sight, out of mind. Wasn't that easy?

    I'm not exaggerating here. Just take a look at the industry-backed laws making their way through statehouses across the nation. A proposed law in Iowa, for example, would make it illegal to own or even possess a video secretly obtained at a factory farm.

    In Nebraska, anyone who gets a job with the intent of checking out a farm operation would be guilty of a felony. In Utah, taking a single photo or even recording a bit of audio on a farm without permission would be a crime.

    One bill in New York would make photographing animal abuse on a farm a much bigger crime than the actual abuse of the animal!

    But if any industry needs more whistleblowers and more investigators, it's the factory farm industry.

    Those places are festering stink-pits where animals are raised in the most deplorable conditions imaginable. It's so bad that cows and pigs have to be constantly pumped full of drugs just to survive the experience.

    This isn't just an animal welfare issue. This is a human health issue, because those drugs end up in the food and on your dinner table.

    Even worse, the antibiotics used on factory farms are creating a new and powerful wave of frightening superbugs -- and any day now, I fully expect one of them to cause a major outbreak among humans.

    That's why even I -- a card-carrying carnivore -- won't touch the "meat" that comes from these joints, and you shouldn't either.

    If you want steak, visit a quality butcher who gets his meats from an organic farm. And for more on the proposed laws -- and what you can do to stop them -- visit the Web site of the Alliance for Natural Health.

  2. Big changes coming to your supermarket

    New food labels aim to dictate what you eat

    Big Mother thinks you're too dumb to read a nutritional label -- and since you can't be trusted to make "good" food choices on your own, she's going to do it for you.

    In the most extensive and far-reaching Nanny State scheme ever to hit U.S. shores, a government advisory panel is trying to put a seal of approval -- or disapproval -- right onto the front of every single food item sold in American supermarkets.

    Under the plan from the Institute of Medicine, everything you eat would have a rating of between zero and three checkmarks -- or maybe stars or little hearts, they haven't worked out those details yet -- with zero being "bad" and three being "perfect."

    Naturally, those ratings won't really consider what's IN the food so much as what's NOT in the food -- specifically the usual villains: sugar, salt, fat and calories.

    You can see the problem here, right? That means crap like diet soda and sugar-free Jell-O -- no fat, no sugar, low salt, low calories -- would actually earn a perfect three checkmarks.

    Milk, eggs and cheese, on the hand, would fall way short.

    Got that? Jell-O, good... eggs, bad. I couldn't think of a worse system if I tried!

    Of course, the food industry is resisting -- but since they're being threatened with government regulation if they don't toe the line, they're proposing their own dumbed-down labeling system, which is already turning up on the fronts of food packages.

    Forget all that -- because I've got a much better solution that'll work no matter what labeling system ends up in use: Don't even waste your time trying to decipher those labels... because you shouldn't eat anything that comes with one anyway.

    Stick to fresh meats from a quality butcher, raw dairy straight from the farm (if you can find it) and whatever nuts, fruits and vegetables you want to serve along with those meats and dairy products.

    And if you have to buy something in a package, stick to what YOU know to be healthy... not what some government panel thinks you should be eating.

    I'm not done with the Nanny State yet -- keep reading for one of the most nonsensical government food battles ever (and that's saying a lot).

  3. Insane new food labels

    The food industry has hit a deceptive new low with its latest marketing scheme.
  4. Incompetence rewarded in salmonella outbreak

    The salmonella outbreak taught us that, when it comes to our food, the FDA and CDC don't know anything - and they probably haven't learned anything either.

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