Food and Drug Administration

  1. FDA may eliminate drug safety warnings in commercials

    FDA pressing mute on deadly drug warnings

    Tell me something -- does anyone ruin a mood quite like Uncle Sam?

    I mean, there you are flipping through the channels, when one of Eli Lilly's sexy ads for Cialis comes on the tube. Some good looking fella in his 60s pops a little pill and the next thing you know he and the Mrs. are lounging in some outdoor bathtub, ready to go at it like tigers in heat.

    And that's when some breathless announcer cuts in reminding you that Cialis could leave you flopping around like a fish with a brain rattling seizure.

    What a buzzkill!

    Well, fret no more, little ones, because the federal government may be done sticking its joy-robbing nose into these Big Pharma advertising masterpieces once and for all. In fact, the FDA may be about to end the practice of requiring Big Pharma to list all the dangerous side effects of its drugs in commercials FOREVER.

    And, believe it or not, those filthy federal liars actually have the audacity... the GALL... to suggest they're doing it for YOU!

    The FDA has announced it will begin studying whether it's OK to dramatically shorten the side effects listed in drug commercials (want to guess how this ends?). Because, after all, you ought to be able to enjoy the sounds and sensations of a Paxil commercial unburdened by the knowledge that sometimes folks kill themselves after taking it.

    And the worst part is Big Brother claims he's doing you a FAVOR. He thinks that you're tuning out these mile-long lists of drug dangers, and you'll pay better attention if he just hits the highlights. In other words, our government thinks you're a moron.

    Well my friend, you may not be anywhere near a farm, but I can assure you that IS genuine bull crap you just got a whiff of. Remember, this is the EXACT SAME government that essentially banned outdoor advertising of cigarettes and wanted warning labels showing diseased lungs and missing teeth on every pack of Marlboros and Lucky Strikes!

    Now tell me, which do you think is more dangerous -- a pack of cigarettes or a prescription bottle stuffed with a blood thinner like Pradaxa that could KILL you?!?

    Prescription drug ads don't need to be tinkered with or shortened. What they DO need is to be COMPLETELY BANNED FROM THE AIRWAVES. Just about every doctor I know is getting bullied by patients who come to appointments insisting on prescriptions for some wonder drug they saw on TV.

    And it's only going to get worse. So a year or so from now, when we're watching Big Pharma rake in BILLIONS while under-informed boobs drop dead from drugs they never should have been prescribed, here's a thought that's going to stick in your craw.

    Good ol' Uncle Sam did this FOR you.

  2. Feds take 18 Years to approve baby formula testing

    Lost on the way to logic

    In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Roosevelt warning that atomic bombs were theoretically possible. Six years later, we were dropping them on Japan.

    And here's my point -- when it has a gun to its head or missiles pointed at its shores, our government can act awfully fast. But when the lives of millions of American babies are at stake, it looks like the feds can't get off their lazy arses.

    The Food and Drug Administration just decided to require baby formula makers to test their products for deadly salmonella, and to prove their formula has the vitamins and minerals listed on the labels. How long do you think it took to make that commonsense decision? Eighteen seconds? Nope, try 18 years!

    That's right -- the FDA has been wringing its hands on baby formula testing and labeling since 1996! So if you bought formula during the past two decades that said it was fortified with butterfly kisses and unicorn tears, you may have been taken for a ride.

    The pseudo-scientists at the FDA say they didn't want to act hastily, because there was plenty of new food safety science in the field. Oh, Moses, smell the roses! This wasn't the Stone Age -- this was 1996! We've known salmonella was dangerous since 1885!

    If you ever wanted to see a disgusting case study on how industry lobbyists can grind our government to a halt, this is it. That's because these corporate fat cats know our government isn't run by principled men and women, it is run by jellyfish -- no backbone, no pulse, and not much of a brain.

  3. Study finds no logic in FDA drug approvals

    When it comes to approving potentially deadly drugs, the Food and Drug Administration hasn't abandoned its standards -- but it may not have had any standards in the first place. A new study shows there is no consistency whatsoever in the research FDA requires for drug approvals.
  4. Potentially dangerous drug on fast track for approval

    Merck's potentially deadly blood thinning drug vorapaxar was left for dead after disastrous clinical trials, but now it's getting new life thanks to an FDA panel stocked with drug company insiders. Is the FDA about to approve a drug that's been linked to serious internal bleeding and could be a killer for stroke patients?

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