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  1. Last desperate push for flu shots

    If you need the flu shot to avoid the flu, how come no one's getting sick?

    People have rejected the vaccine in droves this year, with the flu shot rate plunging to just 36 percent.
    That means 64 percent of us are unvaccinated and supposedly unprotected from the flu. So we should all be coughing, wheezing, sneezing, sniffling and fighting off the virus by now, right?

    Of course, the CDC claims that if you haven't gotten sick, you just haven't gotten sick YET. They say flu activity is finally picking up after getting off to its slowest start in at least a quarter of a century.

    PUH-leaze! It's practically April -- flu season isn't "getting started." It's over!

    And this one never began in the first place.

    Naturally, that hasn't stopped the CDC from issuing one last desperate push for flu shots. If you read the agency's weekly bulletins, you'll see them practically begging doctors to stick the needle into everyone they meet.

    It's all a bunch of nonsense -- but even if flu season really is just getting started and we're in for a spring fever like never before, you still don't need a flu shot.

    There are much better ways to protect yourself, starting with vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin is up to 800 percent more effective than the flu shot -- and unlike a flu shot, it can also protect you from the common cold.

    Even better, vitamin D can help you overcome both illnesses quicker if you do happen to catch them.

    For more on the flu-beating powers of vitamin D, read the January 2011 issue of my Douglass Report (and if you're not already a subscriber click here to learn how to become one).

    And don't forget to wash your hands.

  2. Poking the pregnant

    New push to vaccinate moms-to-be

    Would you give your newborn a drug that hasn't been studied in infants?

    Of course you wouldn't -- and you certainly wouldn't expose a fetus to that kind of risk, either.

    But the mainstream is urging pregnant women to get flu shots anyway on the basis of a tiny study that finds the vaccine may lower the risk of premature birth.

    Meanwhile, the FDA itself says flu shots may pose an unknown risk to pregnant women and fetuses as well as to nursing mothers and their babies (but also recommends them just the same).

    It's right there in the prescribing information for the flu shots -- here's an example:

    "(It's) not known whether AFLURIA can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity" and "AFLURIA has not been evaluated in nursing mothers. It is not known whether AFLURIA is excreted in human milk."

    The label for Fluarix says there are "no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women."

    And the "safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children."

    Should I go on? Those are just three of the vaccines -- but I haven't seen one yet that didn't include a similar statement.

    So forget the bone-headed new study urging flu shots on pregnant women -- and definitely pass on the CDC's advice, which actually contradicts itself: The government agency says pregnant women should get the flu shot... but that babies under six months shouldn't.

    I wonder if these medical geniuses know what's inside a pregnant woman.

    Last I checked, it was a baby waaaaaay under six months -- and anything you give the mom-to-be, that little baby-in-the-making gets right along with her.

    I know it might sound a little early for my annual gripes about the flu shot, but the time to pay attention to this stuff is now -- because as I write this, Big Pharma and its CDC friends are prepping for a massive flu shot push.

    They've actually ordered a record number of doses for the U.S. market -- and I'll bet similar plans are being made around the world, despite the fact that it's the same exact vaccine formula distributed last year.

    Believe me, they're not making these shots for fun -- they plan to use them.

    Keep reading for more on the scare tactics they've already cooked up overseas.

  3. CDC goes overboard for flu shots

    Just when you thought the flu pandemonium was dying down, it's rearing its ugly head again. But it's not the flu itself that's the problem... it's the people who are trying to "protect" you from it.
  4. How many shots are enough?

    Apparently, health officials still know so little about the swine flu vaccine that they don't even know how many shots people will need in order for it to be effective.
  5. Flu shots fall short…again

    According to reports, this year's flu season was the worst in three years - and they're saying it's because the virus that so many people had injected into their systems was completely ineffective against the flu.

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