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  1. New push for flu shots

    Media again using bogus swine flu scare to sell shots

    Here we go again.

    The media has been hyping a supposed new outbreak of the swine flu in a blatant attempt to scare people into getting flu vaccinations.

    It's like 2009 all over again.

    You know the story. The swine flu itself was a non-event -- either an exaggeration or an outright fabrication -- but the shot that was rushed into production and practically forced on hundreds of millions of people was dangerous and downright deadly.

    Many of the people who survived the jab are still living with the consequences -- including nervous system disorders and narcolepsy. The British media reports on one girl who falls asleep 30 times a day since her swine flu shot.

    Now, she's facing a lifetime on a highly experimental drug that costs $23,000 and isn't even a cure.

    She's hardly alone.

    One study found that the swine flu jab raised the risk of narcolepsy by something on the order of 1,000 percent, especially in kids.

    It's outrageous and inexcusable, especially when there are much safer and far more effective ways of preventing any strain of flu -- from regular flu to the pig strains -- and you can start with plain old vitamin D.

    The sunshine vitamin has proven to be up to 800 percent more effective than the flu shot, and comes with no risk of narcolepsy (or anything else for that matter). And along with fighting the flu, vitamin D can also help prevent the common cold.

    I had the full scoop on all-natural flu prevention strategies in the September 2013 issue of my Douglass Report newsletter.

    Subscribers, use the password in this month's issue to login and read it online. Not a subscriber? It's not too late! Sign up now and you'll get all my cutting-edge cures delivered right to your mailbox each month, and complete access to all my back issues online.

    It's so good it'll even keep a narcoleptic awake.

  2. Pregnant woman fired for refusing flu shot

    Get a shot... or get lost

    It's happening again.

    Across the country, people are being FIRED for simply having the nerve to question mainstream medical dogma. The latest: A pregnant woman in Pennsylvania lost her job as a nurse for refusing to get a flu shot.

    It doesn't matter that the woman has had three miscarriages and wants to take no chances. It doesn't matter that the woman's own doctor and obstetrician both support her decision. It doesn't even matter that the woman offered to do all her work in a mask and gown.

    No shot, no job -- so right now, she's looking for work.

    Of course, she has every right to refuse the shot. It hasn't been proven safe for pregnant women, and it hasn't been proven safe for fetuses. This is not just my opinion; each shot carries a warning saying just that.

    You can read the actual warnings for yourself right here.

    But really, this shouldn't even matter -- because even if she wasn't pregnant, she should be allowed to refuse the shot for any reason at all.

    It's her right. It's YOUR right -- yet across the country, people are being fired for exercising that right and refusing flu shots.

    If your job is on the line, it's time to fight back, and I've got just the weapon: political correctness.

    Yes, here's your chance to finally take PC nonsense and shove it back at the mainstream -- because while companies can fire you for refusing flu shots for health reasons, they can't fire you for refusing it for religious or cultural reasons.

    Tell 'em your faith forbids it (because you have no faith in Big Pharma, right?), and they can't touch you.

  3. Swine flu 'experts' were Big Pharma shills

    Most of the "experts" who made dire swine flu predictions were on the Big Pharma payroll, according to a new study.
  4. The ugly truth about flu shots

    Flu shots are so ineffective that even the government's own numbers show they're not worth getting.
  5. Flu shots prevent heart attack? Not really

    A new study claims flu shots can prevent heart attacks -- except the study actually proves no such thing.
  6. New strain of bird flu was created to kill

    There's a deadly new strain of bird flu that can pass from human to human -- and it was deliberately created in a research lab.
  7. The new threat: Forced vaccinations

    The mainstream is forcing vaccinations on kids and adults alike. Now, it's time to fight back.
  8. Flu shot didn't work

    Remember all that talk of how important the flu shot is? I hope you didn't give in to the hype and get one -- because the shot didn't work at all in seniors.
  9. Don’t take this government pledge

    The CDC wants everyone to take a pledge to get a flu shot. But what are you really promising them?
  10. New flu panic over seals

    Forget swine flu and bird flu -- get ready for seal flu. The inside scoop on the next big flu panic.

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