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  1. [SCAM WATCH] What you need to know about the flu shot

    The feds are doing their best to scare the heck out of you. 

    According to the latest headlines, if you’re not rushing out to get a flu shot now, you’re a goner. 

    But here’s what they’re NOT telling you…  

    More people than EVER are getting flu shots… and last year was still one of the DEADLIEST flu seasons in 40 years.  

    How could this happen? 

    It’s all due to a nasty secret about the flu shot… one our government doesn’t want you to know. 

    The straight TRUTH 

    Why didn’t last year’s flu shot save all of the lives it was supposed to?  

    In short, one of the viruses mutated. And that mutated virus was a deadly one. 

    The truth is that flu viruses mutate all the time. They can mutate during ONE flu season.  

    So even if the government chose the right virus strain for this year’s flu shot, it’s no guarantee the virus won’t do its presto-chango trick, leaving you DEFENSELESS against it. 

    Worse still, every year’s shots have only three to four virus strains in them. That doesn’t do much for you...  

    Research shows there are over 219 viruses known to infect people. And those are just the ones we KNOW about. 

    So why does out government keep pushing the flu shot? 

    Because Uncle Sam is in the pocket of Big Pharma… and flu season is BIG money for the drug companies.  

    So they’ve lobbied heavily in DC to expand the flu shot mandate. Every man, woman, and child is targeted. 

    The best flu shot alternative 

    Getting a flu shot is a personal choice – you should get one if you like, but shouldn’t feel pressured by the government. 

    If you’re looking for a NATURAL and SAFE alternative, try an Echinacea root supplement! 

    The root of this flowering plant is rich in immunity-boosting phytochemicals known as alkylamides. Studies have shown that it’s a powerful preventative supplement.  

    Researchers in one study found that folks taking a high dose of liquid Echinacea extract SLASHED their risk of getting the flu DOWN to 2 PERCENT! 

    The best daily preventive dose is 2.5 g of Echinacea root.  

    But if you start to feel like you’re coming down with a cold or flu, up your dose to 7.5 – 10 g per day until you feel better.  

  2. Poll: Half of all parents passing on the flu shot for their kids

    Millions of parents “just saying no” to flu shots?

    Roll up your sleeve or die.

    How many times has the federal government given us that same message when flu season rolls around?

    Uncle Sam would have you believe that unless you line up for a flu jab, you and everyone you love could be a sitting duck for a deadly case of flu.

    So when my patients come to me for the truth about the flu shot – and whether it’ll do them a lick of good – I always tell them the same thing.

    Flip a coin. Because even in the best years, the shot is only about 50 percent effective – and in some years, it’s failed more than 90 percent of the time for some age groups.

    With the terrible reputation the flu shot is developing, I wasn’t too surprised by a new study out of the University of Michigan that found that only about half of parents took their kids for a vaccine this year.

    Of course, the ink wasn’t even dry on this study when the pro-vax mainstream media started up in full force.

    These poor parents were called everything from quacks to uninformed for deciding to skip the flu vaccine for their kids. Some folks were speculating that maybe these parents didn’t really understand what the flu shot was and how it worked.

    You’ve got to be kidding me! You can’t turn on the TV these days or walk into a CVS without seeing an ad for the shot!

    Trust me, this is one vaccine we’ve all been made aware of time and time again.
    Let me tell you what’s really going on here – whether the media wants to admit it or not.

    Parents are doing their jobs, plain and simple.

    With all of the research that shows that the flu shot doesn’t work like it should AND has harmful side effects, OF COURSE parents should weigh its benefits against the risks!

    Given its high failure rate – and the fact that the flu shot can cause side effects that actually mimic flu – it’s perfectly reasonable for some parents to conclude that it’s a waste of time and money.

    This isn’t some lunatic fringe position – it’s perfectly rational. And that’s especially true when you consider that there are safe and effective ways to stop flu, no shot required.

    I have my patients load up on vitamin D, vitamin C, and a multivitamin containing selenium, zinc and Vitamin E – all of which a natural, safe, and widely available at your local pharmacy or health food store.

    If you’re serious about preventing flu, this supplement regimen is a perfectly safe and reasonable alternative to a shot that seems to fail more than it works.

  3. Flu patch does nothing to improve vaccine's failures

    A patch even a Boy Scout wouldn't want You've pulled down the shades. You've stocked up on bottled water, batteries, and six months' worth of frozen dinners. You're prepared to hunker down all winter... all spring if you have to... just to keep from dealing with those flu vaccine crazies waiting to jab you in the arm at every drug...
  4. New flu shot is bad news for seniors

    The new high-dose flu shot being pushed on seniors offers minimal protection and maximum risk.
  5. Flu shot causes worse flu

    People who get the seasonal flu shot have a higher risk of getting more dangerous strains of the flu, according to new research.
  6. The ethics of the flu shot

    Flu shots don’t prevent transmission of flu – and a medical ethicist who claims you need a shot to protect those around you is full of serum.
  7. Flu shots forced on healthcare workers

    Don't want a flu shot? If you work in a hospital, that's too bad -- because healthcare workers are being coerced into getting the shot.
  8. New risks linked to swine flu vaccine

    Remember how "safe" the untested and rushed-to-market swine flu shot was supposed to be? Turns out not so much -- just as I told you from day one.
  9. Phony panic over flu drugs

    Tamiflu doesn't work? Tell me something I don't know! It's already one of the most ineffective "treatments" on the planet -- but World Health Organization researchers claim it's now completely ineffective against at least one strain of swine flu in Australia.
  10. The flu that wasn't

    When did we become such big babies? Every little sneeze and sniffle has turned into a big drama -- and now, just about everyone who gets sick assumes they have the flu.

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