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  1. How the flu shot can give you the flu

    Vaccines can actually cause the flu

    If you want to take a few (miserable) days off at home the flu should do the trick. But don't bother getting a sick person to cough on you -- and don't even waste your time licking doorknobs and handrails. No, there's a much easier way to get sicker than you've ever been in your life: Just get a flu shot.

    That's right... the very shot that's supposed to "protect" you from the disease can actually cause it, and this isn't the latest far-out conspiracy theory.

    It's cutting-edge scientific research.

    Since the invention of the flu shot, people have complained about getting sick right after the poke -- and they've been ignored. But in no less than FIVE studies out of Canada, people who got the 2008-2009 flu shot were actually MORE LIKELY to get swine flu than those who didn't.

    That alone should be enough to grab headlines. But it didn't -- it was dismissed as "the Canadian problem."

    That's right...don't blame the shot. Blame Canada!

    Well, a new study on ferrets shows this isn't a Canadian problem after all -- because animals that got the shot got sicker than animals given a placebo shot.

    And last I checked, ferrets don't carry passports.

    Want to know what's funny about this? The swine flu was practically a non-event. Despite the hype and the panic, very few people actually got the disease. Makes me wonder how many of the ones who did were victims of the shot rather than the swine flu itself.

    But you don't have to get jabbed with the 2008-2009 vaccine to get the flu from your shot. Any old flu shot will do.

    Just take a look at the common side effects: Fever, headaches, muscle pain, and more. Throw in some sniffles, and it sounds to me like the "side effects" and the flu are one in the same.

    Do yourself a favor -- whether you're trying to avoid pig flu or any other flavor of the disease, skip the shot and stick to common sense. Wash your hands, be careful out in public, and take some immune-boosting vitamins.

  2. DIY flu shots should be DOA

    There's no such thing as a safe and effective flu shot... but that hasn't stopped researchers from trying to find new ways to give it to more people just the same.

    Now, they're working on poison in a patch -- a flu shot you can slap on yourself, no doctor or nurse necessary.

    I can picture the public service announcements now: GO STICK YOURSELF!

    Instead of the usual hypodermic needle, the flu patch described in Clinical and Vaccine Immunology is delivered via 100 tiny microneedles that dissolve as the vaccine enters your body.

    In a study on mice, researchers say their new patch gave the rodents flu "immunity" on par with -- or better than -- the traditional vaccine injection.

    Talk about setting the bar low -- the flu shot itself is only barely effective in the best of times, and completely ineffective the rest of the time.

    I wouldn't brag about matching that.

    The researchers say their do-it-yourself vaccinations will bring the shot to more people by doing away with the worst part of the experience: the needle.

    But who are they kidding? The worst part of the shot isn't the sting of the needle -- it's what's inside it, because these vaccinations can leave you in a world of hurt whether you feel that prick or not.

    Ordinary flu shots come with a risk of fever, rash, hives and seizures. What's more, most of them contain the dangerous toxin mercury.

    If that's not bad enough, all you need to do is look at what happened during last year's mass public health experiment: Patients given the swine flu vaccine passed out, got sick and even dropped dead.

    And in addition to all the usual flu shot risks, the new patch comes with a bonus: The microneedles are made of polymer polyvinylpyrrolidone, or PVP. An allergic reaction to PVP can lead to anaphylactic shock.

    So whether it's delivered in a needle, patch, bubble gum or kick to the head, do yourself a favor -- and skip the vaccine.

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