Vaccine was just 9 percent effective in seniors

Worst year ever for flu?

PUH-leaze! Just as I predicted, this was another distinctly ho-hum year for flu -- and you can't thank the vaccine for that, because new numbers confirm something else I've been telling you: IT DIDN'T WORK!

In the supposedly "most vulnerable" population of all, the seniors who are nagged to get flu shots at every turn, the vaccine was only 9 percent effective against this year's dominant strain of flu virus, according to the CDC's own numbers.


May as well be zero in my book. In fact, given the CDC's track record of exaggerating flu numbers, who knows, maybe it was zero.

But let's face facts here: While the "protection" level given to seniors is downright pathetic, the numbers for everyone else aren't much better. The overall level of protection for non-senior adults offered by this year's shot was just 56 percent -- and again, that's based on the rosy numbers provided by the CDC.

Now, that might sound pretty good -- but remember, that doesn't mean the shot saved 56 percent of the people who got it. Even in a "bad" year -- as this was supposed to be -- only 2 or 3 percent of the unvaccinated actually get the flu in the first place.

So when they say the shot offers a protection rate of 56 percent, it's among those 2 or 3 percent -- and 56 percent of 3 percent is just 1.68 percent.

That's the ABSOLUTE protection level in a "bad" year: 1.68 percent... give or take a few tenths of a percent.

That's it.

And for that minimal level of so-called protection, they expect you to let some crank inject you with a needle full of God-knows-what, exposing you to side effects that can include everything from nerve disorders to the flu itself?

I'd rather take my chances with the flu, thank you very much!

I'm not done busting flu myths yet. Keep reading for the latest on the flu blame game.