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  1. New flu panic over seals

    The next flu frenzy will be another flu lie

    Bird flu... swine flu... and now... SEAL flu???

    Sounds like a joke, but that's the next big panic as researchers claim seals -- the animals, not the Navy super warriors -- have a form of flu that may eventually spread to humans.

    If that's not enough to get people worried, they're still pumping up swine flu, with reports of a supposedly dangerous new variant.

    And just in case you forgot about bird flu, nearly every major media organization recently ran stories on the "race" to develop a vaccine for the virus before it's "too late."

    Are we supposed to believe they all came up with this idea on their own, at once? Or were they spoon-fed the details as part of the annual flu shot propaganda drive?

    Just take a look at the calendar and you'll know the answer, because summer is winding down and flu shot season is about to get into full swing.

    That means all these flu stories -- whether they're about this year's flu, last year's flu or some vague future threat of bird, pig, and seal flus -- are really just a way to prime the market.

    People read about all these diseases coming their way and their first instinct is to protect themselves the only way they know how -- with flu shots, even if the current shots aren't actually designed to protect against all these other flus.

    You can bet those shots are coming soon. But as I've been telling you over the years, flu shots simply don't work no matter which flu they claim to protect against. The rates of infection among the vaccinated and unvaccinated are so similar -- and so low -- that you can skip the shot this year, next year and any other year.

    But I'm not about to leave you high and dry here. You CAN protect yourself from flu, and you can do it without a vaccine. Remember what mom told you instead—wash your hands. Then build up your immune system with nutrients. There's one vitamin that's proven to be 800 percent more effective than the flu shot, and Douglass Report readers already know all about it -- I had the full story in my January 2011 issue.

    If you want to arm yourself with information rather than media-induced fear, get your own subscription right here and read all about it in my online archives.

  2. CDC goes overboard for flu shots

    Just when you thought the flu pandemonium was dying down, it's rearing its ugly head again. But it's not the flu itself that's the problem... it's the people who are trying to "protect" you from it.

    Because despite the fact that we've experienced one of the mildest flu seasons in years, the vaccine hustlers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending that every single man, woman, and child be vaccinated starting with next flu season.

    They're saying it's because the current recommendations are too complicated. But the REAL reason is that this type of official policy would make it more likely that insurers would cover flu shots.

    And let's face it -- pushing vaccines is what CDC bureaucrats do best. Well, that and denial... and they've outdone themselves recently on that one, too. They're still warning of a deadly "third wave" of swine flu that could strike at any time.

    Anyone here scared? Didn't think so.

    People aren't being careless; they're being realistic. And when it comes to the flu, the warnings simply don't match reality.

    Seasonal flu generally peaks in February and March. For the past few years, around 3.5 percent of all doctor visits in late February have been for flu-like symptoms. That's small enough... but this year, that number was slashed nearly in half -- to 1.8 percent.

    How do they explain that? Guess what... they can't! So they've made up some nonsense about how flu might peak in May this year instead.

    It's like a doomsday cult that keeps revising its prediction each time the world doesn't end.

    The CDC brains want you to think they're playing it safe in the face of a serious disease... but really, they're just playing us for saps, plain and simple.

    Here's what else is going to happen during the next flu season, when more people than ever will be urged to get shots even if there's no real flu threat: Some of Big Pharma's biggest drugs will be losing their patent protection.

    They're going to lose billions, unless they think of something fast.

    What do you think they care about more... protecting you from the flu, or protecting their bottom line? Think about that the next time you roll up your sleeves.

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