Over-the-counter painkillers end lives -- a tragic reality that the FDA outrageously refuses to recognize.

No matter how many people die, you can bet they'll do practically nothing to limit the easy access to painkillers.

Now, a new study finds that some of the most common of these meds -- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen -- can cut lives short before they even begin, boosting the miscarriage rate by a stunning 240 percent.

Canadian researchers say data on some 50,000 pregnant women found that those who gobble down these meds during pregnancy lose their babies 36 percent of the time -- while those who skip the drugs have a 15 percent miscarriage rate.

The problem here isn't just the sky-high miscarriage risk -- it's that the risk is always highest during the first trimester. And ladies, you know the deal -- you don't always know right away if you're pregnant.

If you're a sexually active woman of baby-making age, you could be in the first trimester at any given time and not even know it.

What I'm getting at here, if it's not obvious, is that women should avoid NSAIDs like ibuprofen even if they're only thinking about pregnancy -- because it's never too early to give 'em up... and there's always a possibility you'll be too late.

If that's not enough risk for you and your family, another recent study finds that NSAIDs can boost the risk of kidney cancer in men and women alike by 50 percent.

Throw in some of the other risks I've told you about lately -- these meds can up the odds of stroke, heart attack and an early death -- and you don't have a painkiller anymore. You've got a people-killer.