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  1. The 'forbidden' foods that will save your brain

    How fatty meats can beat dementia

    A healthy diet rich in key nutrients can protect your brain and keep dementia at bay? No kidding!

    Yet that's the latest "discovery" from the mainstream -- and you're not going to believe what they put seniors through to figure this out.

    More than 100 old folks -- many in their 80s -- were given blood tests along with tests to measure their cognitive abilities. Many were even given MRIs to establish brain size and volume.

    And after all that, the researchers found that seniors with the biggest brains and best cognitive abilities had the highest levels of vitamins C, D, and E along with B vitamins such as B6, B12 and folate, and the omega-3 fatty acids.

    They should have just called me -- I could've saved them all that trouble!

    Obviously, ALL of those nutrients are already well-known brain boosters -- especially those fatty acids.

    Your brain is 60 percent fat, and the most prominent fat in your noggin is the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. DHA is also one of the few fats with the power to cross the blood-brain barrier, so it goes to work the moment you eat it.

    Vitamins C and D are positively critical to brain function -- and B vitamins, even on their own, have proven time and again to help slow the brain shrinkage that comes with aging, boost memory and cognition and beat dementia.

    The key point here -- the one the researchers missed, of course -- is that the best sources of B vitamins as well as omega-3 fatty acids are the very foods you've been told NOT to eat: grass-fed meats and fatty fish.

    Meanwhile, the same study confirmed that the trans fats in vegetable oils -- the junk STILL found in margarine and supposedly healthy snacks despite claims to the contrary -- can shrink the brain and cause cognitive function to plummet.

    In other words, "unhealthy" meats will save your brain... and "healthy" vegetable oils will rot it from the inside.

    Or pretty much EXACTLY what I've been telling you all along.

  2. The brain nutrient you're not getting

    Choline linked to lower dementia risk

    Nothing can sap your brain quite like aging. Let Father Time do his worst, and you won't even remember what you had for breakfast anymore.

    Unless, of course, your breakfasts consist of eggs, eggs and more eggs.

    Eggs are loaded with brain-enhancing fats and nutrients -- and they also happen to be one of the best natural sources of the B vitamin choline. (The other top source of choline is another "taboo" food: beef liver, which should tell you everything you need to know about following standard nutritional advice.)

    And now, researchers have found that people who eat the most choline-rich foods -- like eggs and liver -- have a much lower risk of dementia.

    In fact, of the 1,400 adults tracked for nearly a decade, the ones who reported the most choline in their diets left everyone else in the dust on cognitive and memory tests.

    Think that's good? That's nothing -- MRIs revealed that brains fed plenty of choline have less of the white matter damage linked to both dementia and stroke.

    That's good news for us "egg heads."

    But the brain-friendly benefits go waaaaaay beyond choline.

    Eggs are rich in fats and can boost your cholesterol -- and despite what you've heard, that's a good thing. Fats are absolutely essential to brain function as well as heart health, and high cholesterol can actually PREVENT dementia.

    I know that sounds crazy -- but read this and you'll be as convinced as I am.

    Throw in the mind-saving B vitamins found in fatty meats, and you can slash your dementia risk practically overnight by simply eating more of the foods you love -- the same foods you've been told to avoid.

    What could possibly be better than that?

    For more on the brain-saving power of fats -- specifically fatty fish -- keep reading.

  3. Fish for the brain

    All that fat you've been told NOT to eat? Turns out your brain needs it after all.
  4. Eat your way to a smaller brain

    Your belly might be growing... but your brain is shrinking -- and the more you eat, the smaller it gets. In a frightening study from the New York University School of Medicine, researchers used MRI images to compare the brains of 44 obese people to those of 19 slimjims who were the same age and had the same background.

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