1. Fiber won't keep diverticulosis away

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- fiber is overrated.

    But tell your doctor your gut is acting up, and the first thing he'll do is tell you to eat more fiber -- and not just gross foods like bran and peas, but also those ridiculous fiber chews and cookies.

    And for what? Nothing!

    Despite what you've heard, there isn't a single disease that fiber can cure or help you avoid -- and the latest study proves it again.

    Researchers have confirmed that a high-fiber diet will do zippo to protect you from diverticulosis. (Those are the pockets that can form in the colon and can trap bits of food.)

    Since older folks have the highest risk of diverticulosis, doctors are always telling seniors to eat more fiber in order to prevent it. But it turns out the opposite is true! Patients with the LOWEST fiber intake were actually 30 percent less likely to develop diverticulosis than those with the highest.

    And that's not the only thing they got wrong.

    As they do with everything else, the mainstream likes to blame the condition on fats and meat. And as usual, they're wrong. The study of 2,100 patients found no link for either.

    There's one way to avoid diverticulosis, and you don't need to load up on bran flakes or even avoid a juicy, fatty steak.

    Just skip the processed foods -- especially refined carbohydrates. These foods will cause more damage to your colon -- including diverticulosis and even colon cancer -- than anything else.

    For the full story on gut health, read the August 2005 issue of The Douglass Report and if you' re not a subscriber click here to learn more.

  2. Natural trans fats are GOOD for you

    The Nanny State nonsense over fats just won't stop -- with taxes, restrictions, and even flat-out bans making headlines nearly every week.

    Pretty soon, cooks will need a haz-mat license just to handle a tub of butter!

    But if you want to see how meaningless all those rules are regulations are, just take a look at the latest news on trans fats: Women who were put on a diet high in trans fats from butter suffered absolutely no ill effects by any mainstream measure.

    Their LDL cholesterol didn't shoot up... their triglycerides didn't skyrocket... and their HDL levels remained largely the same -- although in fat women, they dropped a tad.

    (Side note: These are mainstream measures -- not mine... to learn how to get the REAL story on cholesterol and why your levels are almost certainly too LOW, read this.)

    Surprised? If you've been keeping up with the Nanny State on this, it's downright shocking... but it's right in line with what I've said all along: Trans fats from meat and dairy are perfectly healthy.

    The only trans fats you need to worry about -- the ones that really will cause obesity, heart disease, dementia and more regardless of your cholesterol levels -- are the artificial trans fats that come from vegetable oils.

    Now, even the mainstream is starting to realize they botched this one big-time -- but get this: They STILL won't suggest you actually eat any meat... and STILL urge you to stick to a plant-based diet.

    By that logic, you should keep eating the "healthy" sources of unhealthy trans fats... and avoid the "unhealthy" sources of the healthy trans fats.

    It's enough to make your head spin!

    Forget this nonsensical game of opposites, because figuring out which fats are fit for your dinner plate couldn't be easier: The ones from meats and dairy are A-OK... and with few exceptions, the ones that come from plants are positively deadly.

    P.S. Think it's tough putting dinner on your table in the face of taxes, rules, regulations and just plain bad dietary advice? Try being a kid forced to eat that slop known as "school lunch." I'll have more on that next Friday.

  3. Big bellies damage brains

    The new year is barely a few weeks old, and we've already got our first phony panic over fats -- and this time, the claim is that a high-fat diet will cause brain damage.
  4. The brain nutrient you're not getting

    Nothing can sap your brain quite like aging. Let Father Time do his worst, and you won't even remember what you had for breakfast anymore. Unless, of course, your breakfasts consist of eggs, eggs and more eggs.
  5. Another day, another tobacco lie

    The antismoking crowd is a cozy little mutual admiration society -- and when one member lies, the rest quickly swear to it.
  6. The real secret to a super-charged brain

    Next time some holier-than-thou vegan starts blabbering about how man wasn't designed to eat meat, ask him if he knows what powers the human brain.
  7. Fat feels good

    A new study finds that nothing can raise spirits quite like fats -- but naturally, the media managed to botch the story completely, giving credit to the worst sorts of junk food.
  8. Let them eat fish

    Seniors who suffer from depression don't need a drug, a hug, or a room in an old folk's home.

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