1. Erase fatigue FOREVER with this 7-nutrient checklist

    If you’re feeling tired all the time, let me tell you… you’re NOT alone.  

    Chronic fatigue is practically an EPIDEMIC in America today.  

    I have patients literally falling asleep in my waiting room chairs.  

    And they shuffle to the exam room with all of the energy of a sloth on tranquilizers.  

    These folks are REALLY suffering – and here’s what I tell them.  

    Fatigue is a classic sign that your body is missing something that it needs.  

    Here are seven nutrients you should be tested for – and should add to your diet.  

    Correcting these nutritional deficiencies can be the secret to ERASING fatigue and giving you a burst of energy you never thought possible.  


    Studies show most of us don’t get enough basic nutrients – and that can take a BIG toll on your energy levels.  

    Here are the main nutrients you may be deficient in when you are feeling tired:  

    • Iron: You need iron to make hemoglobin to carry oxygen throughout your body. Low iron leads to fatigue because you are not getting enough oxygen to make energy. If you are male or postmenopausal, you need to have your blood levels checked before you supplement.  
    • vitamins: Vitamins B12 and other B vitamins are necessary for basic energy production throughout the body. B vitamins feed mitochondria – the energy producing part of every cell. 
    • Magnesium and potassium: Low magnesium contributes to fatigue and it’s a very common deficiency. Magnesium and potassium both play roles in muscle function and energy production.  
    • Vitamin D: Low levels of vitamin D are strongly linked to fatigue. This lack of vitamin D is one of the reasons scientists think we feel more tired during winter. Our bodies produce vitamin D when sunshine hits our skin. You especially need vitamin D if you live in northern climates, don’t get out in the sun much, its winter, or if you have diseases that increase diarrhea.  
    • Omega-3: These essential fatty acids are vital for good mood and cognitive ability. Without these crucial fats, you feel tired and unmotivated.  
    • Protein: Good quality proteins are needed in the manufacture of many hormones, including brain neurotransmitters.  

    Some of these nutrients are easy enough to add to your diet through foods or supplements – and some require testing first.  

    But addressing these nutritional deficiencies is the first step to winning the battle against fatigue… for good.  

  2. Overcome fatigue with vitamin D

    Send your energy soaring with the "sunshine" vitamin

    When you have fatigue, it can definitely take the "shine" out of your "rise and shine."

    You may have just spent the last several hours asleep, but you feel anything but well-rested.

    And if you're like a lot of people, there's no plain-as-day explanation for your lack of get-up-and-go.

    To jumpstart your engine, you might reach for a super-sized coffee or energy drink, but the truth is that maxing out on sugar and caffeine is only likely to intensify the fatigue later on.

    If you're otherwise healthy -- and no underlying cause like anemia, cancer, heart disease, or depression is sapping your energy -- put down that cappuccino and step outside.

    Because according to a recent study, you might just need some sunshine!

    This actually comes as no surprise to me, as over 40 percent of us are vitamin D deficient -- and that deficiency is often associated with fatigue.

    But now, scientists at the University of Zurich have found that getting more vitamin D can significantly improve fatigue -- especially if you haven't got enough of it in your system!

    Previous studies reached similar conclusions, but this study is notable because it's the FIRST double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the topic -- considered the "gold standard" of medical research.

    The researchers gathered 120 people who had both fatigue and vitamin D deficiency and divided them into two groups: one that took a vitamin D supplement and the other, a placebo.

    After a month, 72 percent of those in the vitamin D group reported feeling less fatigue, compared to just 50 percent of those in the placebo group.

    Now, that's a pretty strong placebo effect, but these results are still significant enough to show that correcting vitamin D deficiency can go a long way toward perking you up.

    So, if you're struggling with fatigue, don't head to the nearest Starbucks. Have your doc run a simple blood test to check your levels of D to see if you're deficient.

    Even if your levels aren't technically "too low," they might not be optimal.

    Vitamin D is known as the "sunshine" vitamin because your body converts UV rays from the sun into vitamin D. That's why I always tell my patients to spend more time outdoors when the weather permits -- and to make sure their skin is exposed to the sun.

    Unfortunately, your body's capability to make its own vitamin D diminishes with age. Not only that, but your kidneys are less able to convert vitamin D to its active form as you get older, too.

    That means that as we head into our senior years, we need to find other sources of vitamin D. You might think that drinking milk is enough, but I prefer my patients eat fatty fish like salmon, beef liver, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

    You can also take a high-quality supplement of D3, which is widely available for just pennies a day.

  3. Iron supplements can come with dangerous side effects

    Researchers advice that tired women pop iron supplements is ill advised and can lead to some serious side effects like cancer, heart disease, dementia, arthritis, and osteoporosis.
  4. Statins can cause fatigue, especially in women

    Statins can cause fatigue in 40 percent of women who take them, new data finds. That's along with a higher risk of everything from diabetes to muscle pain.
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