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  1. Harmful chemicals found in fast food

    Harmful chemicals may be hiding in your value meal

    It doesn’t matter what Mick Jagger says. Most days, it feels like time is definitely NOT on your side.

    You’re rushing to get a million things checked off your ‘to-do’ list, and you’ve forgotten to make time to eat (much less COOK).

    But while swinging through the drive-thru for a quick bite might certainly be tempting, the latest science shows that you might be getting more than what you ordered when you eat fast food or order a pizza.

    Researchers from George Washington University recently found that you might be getting a dose of PLASTIC along with those deadly fats and calories.

    Now, while they haven’t tested the foods themselves, they did analyze the urine of fast food eaters – and the folks who consumed more than 35 percent of their overall calories in fast food had 24 to 40 percent higher levels of these phthalates than those who opted for home-cooked meals.

    Phthalates are chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl and are found in a variety of packaging and food-processing machinery. Two different phthalates were found in the samples given by fast food eaters: di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP, the most common form) and diisononyl phthalate (DINP).

    DEHP is so harmful – with known links to childhood asthma, and issues with behavior and reproduction – that Congress permanently BANNED the use of it in children’s toys, baby bottles, and pacifiers in 2008. And the Carcinogen Identification Committee has determined that DINP has been clearly shown to cause cancer.

    So how is it getting into these people’s BODIES?

    It’s possible that the chemicals can seep into their fast food from plastic packaging and storage…or even from plastic gloves worn by fast food workers.

    Those gloves may keep out the germs from the workers’ hands, but they might be adding a whole other “secret ingredient” to your sesame seed bun.

    The best – and, in my opinion, the only – way to avoid eating phthalates (plus other harmful chemicals and toxins) is to stick to clean eating, with a diet that is 100 percent natural and has absolutely no processed foods.

    It may take a bit more time to prep your meals; but if you plan ahead, you can get your meals assembled and ready-to-cook (or even ready-to-eat) so you’re not doing it all when you’re pressed for time…and famished.

    Just don’t store them in plastic wrap or any plastic containers. Opt for glass storage or stainless steel – they’ll last longer, are easier to clean, and won’t add anything unwanted to your dinner.

  2. Nanny State blames cheap food for fat Americans

    Death by cheap chimichanga?

    You have to hand it to these nanny state hippies. With all their talk about peace, love and government intervention... with them insisting on throwing around your tax dollars to show "compassion" for your downtrodden fellow man... you'd think you were dealing with Gandhi himself.

    Well, they may share Gandhi's penchant for sandals -- but that's where the similarities end. Because if you think these leftist, elitist snobs care about you for a second... that they even RESPECT you as an adult... let me clue you into something.

    They think you're a moron, plain and simple. They believe we're all a bunch of brainless boobs who can't wipe our own noses unless Uncle Sam provides the handkerchief.

    And if you need proof, check out this latest research that claims to have finally gotten to the bottom of the obesity epidemic in America. Turns out the culprit wasn't folks who refuse to take responsibility for their own health -- or doting parents who can't tell their junk food obsessed kids no.

    The real villain was the McDonald's Dollar Menu. Looks like the Hamburglar is finally headed back to the slammer.

    Researchers from the RAND Corporation are suggesting -- with a straight face -- that Americans are getting tubby because food is too cheap. We're spending less than half as much disposable income on food as we were spending 80 years ago -- and portions are getting bigger.

    You can already hear the quasi-socialists getting ready to use this study to force more junk food bans and taxes across America, right? Because they think you lack the brainpower (and the willpower) to say no to a second trip to the buffet line.

    But here's the truth. Fruits and vegetables have also gotten cheap over the past 80 years, but today's lazy parents would rather pop a TV dinner in a microwave than grill some chicken or whip up a salad.

    The obesity epidemic in America isn't about cheap food -- it's about cheap values. And fixing it requires us all to learn the one thing our government has no business teaching anyone.


  3. No connection between occasional fast food and weight in kids

    Want to know why America's kids are so fat? Stop staring accusingly at the McDonald's menu and start looking in the mirror instead. A new study proves that lazy moms and dads -- and not Happy Meals -- are making children obese and are turning our tykes into ticking diabetic time bombs.
  4. What's in a chicken nugget? You don't want to know!

    Chicken nuggets aren't made from pure white meat chicken. They're made from some of the grossest parts of the bird, according to a lab analysis.
  5. Fast food nation

    More than 10 percent of our calories come from fast food -- and for some people, nearly 20 percent of their calories come from junk.
  6. Extra pounds, extra hospital visits

    Being obese won't just increase your risk of disease -- it will also cause you to spend more time in a hospital, according to a new study.
  7. Foods that will leave you depressed

    A new study confirms that a life of junk will leave you battling the blues. Spanish researchers tracked nearly 9,000 people without depression at the start of the study. Six months later, however, 493 were diagnosed with the condition -- and many of them were even taking meds for it.
  8. Are greenhouse gases making you fat?

    Gaining weight? Don't blame your own lousy habits -- blame global warming instead!
  9. Students protest cafeteria food

    I was floored when I read how teens in Chicago were actually protesting against fast-food school lunches.
  10. LA bans fast food restaurants

    In the interest of "public health and safety," the city council of a South Los Angeles district has told fast food chains that they can't open new restaurants in the area for the next year.

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