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  1. Drones to reveal ugly truth about factory farms

    Spy drones to clip factory farms' wings

    Uncle Sam has spent so much dough spying on Americans, you can hardly use the john without some FBI flunkie handing you toilet paper. Whether they're tapping our phones or flying drones over American cities, Uncle Sam's "spygate" has gotten so ridiculous that we ought to admit what NSA really stands for.

    Nothing's sacred anymore.

    But it looks like one brave American has finally gotten the idea to put those pricey drones to good use. He's out to PROTECT your rights -- instead of obliterating them.

    Journalist Will Potter is raising a fortune online to buy drones and offer you a peek at something Big Food hoped you'd never see -- the disgusting conditions at America's factory farms.

    From thousands of feet in the air, Potter is going to give you a good look at the red, white and blue. As in the putrid lakes of red cattle blood... the white masses of sickly cows packed shoulder to shoulder on filthy feed lots... and plenty of other atrocities food processors have denied until they're blue in the face.

    And if this picture is any indication, (click at your own risk, it's NOT pretty) you're about to learn a heck of a lot about where that supermarket steak REALLY comes from.

    Peeved-off farmers are threatening to throw Potter in jail if one of his drones flies over their farms. Well, I've got my check book ready to help this fella make bail. Because I'm all for privacy -- but it's time YOUR rights stopped taking a back seat to Big Food's.

    Because you have a right to see the half-dead chickens... loaded up on antibiotics and crawling over piles of their own crap... that America's meat millionaires are selling you for $2 a pound.

    You're about to get one heck of a view -- and once you do, you'll never buy your meat from a mega-farm again.

  2. Poop cloud hangs over America's factory farms

    Factory farms unleash a crap storm

    With their filthy conditions and fertilizer-infested food, America's factory farms have been stirring up a public health crap storm for years.

    And now it looks like they've found a better way to do it.

    Because a shocking new report proves that factory farms have resorted to a practice so nauseating, it'll have your belly doing back flips the next time you throw a head of “fresh" lettuce into your shopping cart.

    These junk peddlers aren't just forcing crap down our throats – they're forcing it down our LUNGS!

    A Wisconsin watchdog group reports that Americans all across the fruited plains are literally choking on the AIRBORNE manure factory farms are spraying on their crops. These million-dollar food factories have begun using their irrigation machines to spray liquefied feces all over those fresh veggies you're tossing in your family's salad.

    That's right -- the crap has literally hit the fan.

    Folks living within a country mile of these farms literally can't get a breath of fresh air, and constantly inhaling manure has left them with respiratory diseases and serious infections.

    One poor sap had to move after the smell of animal waste seeped into his walls -- and all because Big Food wanted to save a few bucks on spreading manure by hand.

    Not very neighborly is it?

    Don't be fooled, these folks aren't your grandpa's local farmers, with a red barn and a couple of cows. In fact these mega-farms have forced moms and pops right out of business, and they're bullying their neighbors into selling their land for pennies on the dollar.

    It's not just unhealthy -- it's un-American.

    If you're not already buying organic, locally-grown produce, now may be the time to make the switch. Chances are you'll get to do something lots of factory farm neighbors no longer can -- breathe a little easier.

  3. Big Food washing chicken with deadly chemicals

    Factory workers are complaining of asthma, burning skin and more, thanks to a chemical cocktail coating your chicken dinner.
  4. How drugs on the farm could kill you at home

    New rules designed to limit the use of antibiotics on factory farms will actually do nothing of the sort.
  5. Chicken meat routinely 'washed' with chemicals

    Chickens are routinely sprayed four or more times during processing to "clean" the meat for the market -- but no one knows if these chemicals are safe.
  6. Junky new diet for factory farm animals

    Corn and soy are getting too expensive for farm animals -- so now, cows and pigs are being given truckloads of expired junk food instead.
  7. Dirty tricks from dirty farms

    The Big Food producers are sick and tired of all those embarrassing photos and videos of abusive and disturbing practices at their factory farms, and they're finally ready to do something about it.
  8. The danger coming from America's farms

    The feds are in a tizzy over a lab-created bird flu virus they fear can be weaponized and turned into a super killer, yet they won't say a word about the other "labs" churning out superbugs... America's factory farms.
  9. Water for the price of steak

    But the normal rules don't apply in the meat industry -- heck, the meat industry gets to write its own rules -- so most consumers don't know that 90 percent of all pork, 30 percent of chicken and 15 percent of beef are plumped up with brine.

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