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  1. Shock wave therapy could treat erectile dysfunction

    A "shocking" way to get rid of bedroom issues

    I can't understand why so many men would choose to suffer in silence -- sometimes for years -- with a problem in the bedroom rather than get some help.

    Sure, it can be a little embarrassing to talk about. And maybe you think it'll just "go away"on its own.

    But these days, you can't turn on the TV without seeing a commercial talking about erectile dysfunction. The cat's out of the bag: It happens to LOTS of older guys!

    So gentlemen, if you've lost your mojo, the time for you to start talking about it is now -- because a new study has discovered yet another drug-free way to put the rock back in your rock'n' roll.

    And it just may shock you.

    In an analysis of 14 studies of more than 800 men, low-grade ED could dramatically be improved by low-intensity shock wave treatment.

    In fact, on average, the men considered their erectile function TWICE AS GOOD after receiving this "stimulating" treatment.

    I know it's hard to imagine zapping your manhood with anything... and even a medical device might not sound any safer than, say, a cattle prod or a taser.

    But fortunately, most of the guys in the studies were able to endure the treatments with no anesthesia. In fact, most of them reported no pain at all -- if anything, just a "tingling" sensation.

    Now, you don't have to work up your courage just yet -- because this treatment is still in its experimental phase and hasn't been approved for use in the U.S.

    But what this study tells us is that there are many ways of enough blood flowing "down there" -- which can usually clear up most mild to moderate cases of ED that aren't caused by disease or medication.

    Instead of shocking your member into submission, you can get some high-voltage virility by supplementing with something that's already in your body, but you may not have enough of: testosterone.

    Your T levels tend to wane as you approach your "golden years," so hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical testosterone can get them back up to where they were when you were at your peak -- and keep them there.

    Your doctor should be willing to work with you on a plan to replace your depleted testosterone. But if he's not, there's something you can do right now, while you wait for a second opinion: try some vitamin D. Previous studies have shown a vitamin D deficiency to be linked with ED, so try upping your intake with supplements or eating Paleo-friendly foods that are high in D, like eggs and salmon.

    But if the big D doesn't correct your ED, you're not out of options. Other scientifically-proven natural treatments like L-arginine and Korean Red Ginseng are safe and readily available at a reasonable price at your local drugstore. You can always try Korean Red Ginseng as a tea as well.


  2. Coffee can cut your erectile dysfunction risk

    Forget the "little blue pill." If you want to boost your sex life and fight off erection problems, try the little black bean instead.

    Coffee can do more than help you wake up. It can help wake up your love life too, as new research shows how a steady java habit could help set the stage for romance and prevent erectile dysfunction (ED).

    But if you want to make sure you're ready to get brewing in the bedroom, then make sure your daily brew is fully loaded turbo-charged rocket fuel -- because the secret ingredient is caffeine, and plenty of it.

    Between 85 mg and 300 mg a day -- or between one and four cups (REAL cups, not those silly little shot glasses of coffee) – could cut your risk of erection problems by about 40 percent, according to the study published in PLOS ONE.

    No wonder Juan Valdez always had that sly smile!

    The reason is basic biology: A strong erection requires a strong flow of blood to the penis. If you're suffering from any kind of circulation problem -- even one your own doc can't detect -- you're in for a frustrating time in the sack.

    Caffeine is a proven circulation booster that can keep the blood pumping, and is so effective at restoring the circulation needed to achieve and maintain an erection that the new study finds it can even help men with chronic health problems such as obesity.

    There's only one set of men who don't seem to get that same java jolt: diabetics.

    Yes, friend, there are some problems even coffee can't cure. (But don't forget coffee COULD help with that diabetes problem.)

    Don't expect to get the same rush from soda. Cola contains less caffeine and more sugar -- and sugar will cause your blood flow to slow until it's moving like molasses.

    I should note that this new study shows how to help PREVENT erection problems. If despite a steady coffee habit you already have ED issues, the problem may be hormonal.

    In that case seek the advice a naturopathic medical doctor experienced in natural hormone therapies. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine. Try their Physician+Link tool to locate an integrative doctor in your area who can help turn things around in the bedroom.

  3. Study proves "faking It" doesn't fool anyone

    Your partner sees right through your theatrics in the sack -- here's how to REALLY enjoy your best sex during your golden years.
  4. Impotence from radiation may be irreversible

    A new study proves that Big Pharma has no answers for men left with erectile dysfunction after radiation for prostate cancer.
  5. Prescription-free cure for erectile dysfunction

    By treating the underlying causes of your impotence, there's a 29% chance you can eliminate erectile dysfunction without touching another pill.
  6. Men who skip prostate cancer surgery usually die of something else

    Even if you skip prostate cancer surgery, you're 50% more likely to die of ANY other cause -- and usually not for years.
  7. Obama wants to know all about your sex life

    New ObamaCare rules will require doctors to ask about your sex life -- and record your answers in government-linked computers. Here's your guide to opting out.
  8. Deadly erections? Sex meds make it possible

    New numbers show a sharp rise in priapism -- or an erection that just won't go away. It's a painful condition that can require emergency treatment with a scalpel.
  9. The solar-powered penis

    The sun can boost male sexual function by stimulating the process that creates the nitric oxide needed for erections.
  10. Boost your libido with this easy fix

    Testosterone shots can improve libido in men suffering from sex problems and help improve heart health at the same time, new research confirms.

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