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  1. Climate cops blame ozone for illness

    The climate kooks have launched another bizarre bid for attention -- this time claiming that global warming will cause millions of illnesses and cost billions of dollars.

    And it's going to happen in less than a decade.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists says its Earth-friendly crystal ball shows 2.8 million ozone-related respiratory illnesses in 2020 -- including a combined 944,000 missed school days.

    Better start working on those absence notes now.

    The group also claims there will be 5,100 hospitalizations of infants and seniors due to climate-related breathing problems, and that the total cost of all these illnesses and missed school days will be $5.4 billion.

    The organization says the warmer weather expected over the next 8+ years will cause ozone levels to grow faster than Al Gore's ego, leading to an increase in conditions such as asthma.

    And if this is what passes for science at the Union, I really am concerned -- because here's what you won't find in their report: U.S. ozone levels are DOWN over the past two decades, according to the Environmental Protection Agency... but asthma diagnoses are UP like never before.

    Clearly, something is causing asthma levels to shoot up -- and just as clearly, it's not ozone levels.

    Don't blame carbon emissions from your refrigerator, either -- despite what you've heard, our CO2 levels are on the downswing as well.

    There's a much simpler explanation for rising asthma rates, and it's got nothing to do with what our refrigerators are spitting out and everything to do with what we put inside them.

    The more crap we eat, the fatter we get -- and the fatter we get, the more cases of asthma and other respiratory illnesses we'll suffer.

    So I'll agree with them on one thing: This is a manmade crisis, all right -- but the only environment you can blame is the one in the supermarket.

  2. EPA rockets new water regulations out the window

    In a development that will surprise absolutely no one, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declined to protect the nation's drinking water supply from contamination by the chemical ammonium perchlorate.

    Don't expect to see a limit put on this stuff anytime soon, either. The reason? I'm willing to bet it has something to do with the fact that both NASA and the Department of Defense routinely dispose of the substance - used in both rocket fuel and the manufacture of munitions - by diluting it and dumping it on the ground.

    The EPA argues that percholate has been found in less than one percent of American water supplies. One percent may not seem like much, but it still represents more than 150 municipal drinking supplies. And when you factor in that the substance has been linked to incidence of thyroid problems in both children and pregnant women, even one percent seems like too much.

    Once again, when push comes to shove, you can always bet on the engines of government bureaucracy to put their own interests and needs before that of the public - even when it comes to the issue of dangerous chemicals in the drinking supply.

  3. Last strike for BPA? Plastic ingredient could cause diabetes

    A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has linked BPA to diabetes and heart disease in adults.
  4. Standing guard Over Health Care Rights

    I'm writing this to you today so that you'll realize that the very government you depend on to protect some group of rights you DO believe in (especially when it comes to your healthcare freedoms and medical options) could turn on you in a second.

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