1. Fluoridated water could be attacking your thyroid

    Go from flabby and fatigued to FABULOUS with this thyroid secret

    You know who can write a "Z" faster than Zorro? A doctor writing a prescription for Zoloft.

    These mainstream docs are handing out so many prescriptions for happy pills, you'd think we'd all be tap dancing on the tables by now. So why are we fatter, sicker, and more depressed than ever?

    The answer could be much simpler than you think -- and it's flowing right out of your faucet, and being served up on your dinner plate daily. Now you already know how I feel about fluoride, after all I've been warning you about its dangers for years now. But the potential for damage from these invasive chemicals runs even deeper than you might imagine.

    You see, from our fluoride-laced drinking water to the dangerous additives dumped into our food supply, your thyroid... your body's energy center that helps control everything from your weight to your mood... is under CONSTANT ATTACK!

    Every single day you're rubbing elbows with literally DOZENS of chemicals that could be sabotaging your thyroid, interfering with iodine absorption, and leaving you with all the get-up-and-go of a tranquilized snail. It's time to give your thyroid the support it needs -- and it turns out it couldn't be easier.

    My colleague and associate Dr. Mark Stengler has just introduced a revolutionary new supplement called Thyroid Performance Plus, that I believe will turn the mainstream medical community on its ear. In fact, this stuff is so good it could essentially work like jumper cables for your long-suffering thyroid.

    Thyroid Performance Plus provides your thyroid with the trace minerals and natural ingredients it needs to stay in tip-top shape. Next, ditch the sugar and carbs -- and stay off your rear end by doing something active that you enjoy -- and you've got the perfect thyroid-supporting combo.

    And having a healthy thyroid means that before you know it you could be saying goodbye to a few extra pounds, as your mood bounces back into the happy zone, and you start zipping through your day like a caffeinated rabbit.

    When it comes to your health, you know I'm as serious as a heart attack. I don't do ANY doctor favors. If I wasn't absolutely certain that Dr. Stengler's Thyroid Performance Plus could help get you off the couch and back into the game, I'd be the first to tell you -- and you'd better believe I'd tell the good doc, too.

    But let's face it, our beaten down sluggish thyroids are turning us into a nation of fat, sexless sloths, and I'm convinced Dr. Stengler has found the solution.

    Give Thyroid Performance Plus a chance today, and if you don't like it you can get every penny back through Dr. Stengler's "Anytime Guarantee." You've got nothing to lose, except perhaps that bulging belly and lack of energy. Click here to learn more.

  2. The secret source of antioxidants

    Get what your coffee is missing

    Coffee drinkers live longer, healthier lives. You don't need me to tell you that coffee is loaded with powerful antioxidants that are proven to promote a healthy heart and brain, support overall good health and more.

    But what if I told you that your daily cup contained only a tiny fraction of the real benefits of coffee?

    It's true!

    As great as a cuppa joe is, most of the nutrients in coffee are hidden in the part that's thrown away -- the fruit of the coffee, called a cherry (the coffee "bean" is actually the seed). The cherry is so loaded with nutrients that just a handful contains more antioxidants than FOUR POTS of coffee.

    But because coffee cherries rot easily and are difficult to store and ship, they get tossed in the bin -- and that's how one of the most concentrated sources of antioxidants on the planet ends up in a Third World landfill.

    It hardly seems fair, does it?

    Well, I'm here to give you back the FULL benefits of coffee -- the nutrients locked inside the cherry that could help keep you LOOKING and FEELING years younger, while fighting off some of today's biggest health threats at the same time.

    It's an extract of the coffee cherry, called CoffeeBerry, and on its own it has the power to work wonders. But I've made it even better by combining it with another leading source of concentrated antioxidants: Pomegranate.

    Like coffee, pomegranate on its own is loaded with healthy antioxidants. But, like coffee, pomegranate on its own is not the most efficient way to get those nutrients.

    You'd have to eat them by the bushel -- or down sugar-soaked pomegranate juice by the gallon -- to really get the benefits.

    Once again, it's an extract to the rescue -- a potent concentrate that delivers all the nutrients, minus the calories and sugar.

    I've put these two powerful extracts at the heart of my age-fighting, energy-boosting formula, PomXel. It's so potent that just one capsule delivers close to 90 times the antioxidant load of a cup of coffee.

    That's 90 times the power to fight damaging free radicals, boost your energy and help you maintain a healthy heart and sharp mind -- in a single capsule!

    It's so powerful that I believe you'll FEEL the difference in as little as a few days. But you don't have to take my word for it. Try it for yourself, and if you don't notice the extra spring in your step -- if you don't get the age-fighting results you're looking for -- send it back for a full refund.

    I call it my Ultimate Guarantee, and you won't find a better deal than that. Learn more -- or place your order -- here.

  3. More proof ADHD is a bogus diagnosis

    Show me a little kid who DOESN'T have the supposed symptoms of ADHD, and I'll show you a kid who's in a coma, or at least asleep. Kids who have "too much" energy aren't hyper and they don't have attention deficits. They're just kids -- kids who need more time to grow up and more discipline... not drugs.
  4. The hip 'new' diet that can boost your health in weeks

    I've never been accused of being trendy -- but a version of the same meat-based diet I've backed for decades is suddenly front-and-center. You and I know it best as low-carb, but these days, it's being called the "caveman" or "paleo" diet.
  5. Coffee's 'mystery' substance

    And now, researchers claim plain old coffee contains something even healthier than caffeine and antioxidants... even if they can't figure out what it is.
  6. Court rules that vaccine is responsible for autism

    After years of official government denial of the link between childhood vaccines and the onset of autism, a recent federal claims court ruled in favor of the family of a child whose regression into autism was caused by vaccinations.

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