early death

  1. Cancel your gym membership, add YEARS to your life

    Workout warriors being fitted for wings

    Maybe it's just the dog lover in me coming out, but I'm going to go ahead and recommend a much-needed medical test to anyone keeping a hamster as a pet.

    You ought to have your head examined.

    There's only one type of person deranged enough to get their kicks watching a glorified rat run in place for 20 hours a day -- and you'll have no trouble finding him at your local gym.

    These workout-worshippers are grinding away hours of their day on treadmills or in "spinning" classes wearing sweat-drenched T-shirts with inspirational sayings like "live strong."

    Well, they ought to change it to "live short." Because research proves those kickboxing lessons are only preparing you to kick the bucket, and lots of folks like you are exercising themselves to death.

    One eye-opening study from the German Cancer Research Center tracked 1,000 folks --including lots of seniors -- for a decade and found that couch potatoes and folks who worked out more than four times a week were BOTH more than TWICE as likely to keel over from a heart attack or stroke.

    That's right -- you're almost better off skipping workouts completely than becoming one of those health nuts who's getting his mail at the gym.

    And this wasn't some anomaly, either. Another study from Sweden's Karolinska Institute found that men who exercised more than five hours a week during their youth were 19% more likely to develop atrial fibrillation, a serious heart rhythm disorder.

    Now don't get me wrong. Nobody is giving you permission to spend more time engaging in Americans' favorite exercise -- channel surfing. Both studies found that MODERATE exercise, like regular walks with friends or the occasional game of tennis, were the keys to delaying your date with the Pearly Gates.

    Let's face it -- that trainer who's shaming you into dragging yourself to the gym five days a week isn't doing you any favors. And if he's anything like these two guys, one day he may need a favor from you -- like carrying his casket.

    If you ask me, they ought to stop sewing workout shirts out of cotton and spandex, and make them out of wool instead. Because most of the health nuts you'll find at a gym are sheep, plain and simple. They've been swallowing each other's lies for so long about the benefits of a "daily burn" that they could use a trash enema.

    It's time to change the channel on their deadly nonsense and find something simple and low-impact that you love. It'll beat the heck out of running yourself ragged on that great hamster wheel in the sky.

  2. Stress triples early death risk

    Stressing out leads to checking out early

    She has a "honey do" list longer than a country mile, and is always nagging her hubby to take out the trash.

    He's always tossing his dirty dishes in the sink, even when he KNOWS the dishwasher is empty.

    They used to start each day with a kiss and a cup of coffee -- but now, from sunup to sundown, they're fighting like a couple of underfed pitbulls.

    And if this sounds like your marriage... if you've been swearing for years that your spouse is going to be the death of you... I have some news that's going to stop you in your tracks.

    It all may be over A LOT sooner than you think.

    A team of Danish scientists say a stressful home life is more than just a daily nuisance -- it could TRIPLE your chances of an early death!

    Researchers studied 10,000 men and women between the ages of 36 and 52 -- we're talking about folks who should be in the PRIME of their adult lives. But lots of these guys and gals weren't kicking back at Little League games, watching the kids and grandkids in action -- in fact, many of them had kicked the bucket.

    And an awful lot of them had one thing in common -- their home lives had become a house of horrors, filled with constant bickering with spouses, kids, and neighbors. Folks who reported arguing the most were up to three times more likely to bite the dust, courtesy of cancer, heart disease, stroke, you name it.

    That old expression "happy wife, happy life" isn't just a recipe for peaceful living -- it may be a medical fact.

    So if your home life is one shouting match after another, try counseling, meditation, or even counting to 10 before you lash out. Because unlike that house, car, or a bank account full of loot, anger is the one thing you can take with you straight to your grave.

  3. Sitting can cause disease

    Sitting around all day -- at home or at work -- can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and more.
  4. The deadly toll of sitting

    Have a desk job? Like to watch "Dancing With the Stars" or "CSI" every night? Does your sofa have a permanent imprint of your butt in it? Then stand up while you read this, because I'm talking to you.
  5. What apnea really looks like

    Want to see something really scary? Check out this video. It's a man with sleep apnea. Watch as he stops breathing. Try to hold your breath along with him -- just don't try too hard, because you might pass out: The man stops breathing for a full 40 seconds.
  6. Health Nazis take control of France

    Just a week after Denmark unveiled its infamous "fat tax," France is announcing a "sin" tax of its own: a dime-a-liter surcharge on sugar-sweetened sodas.
  7. Why I 'sin' every day -- and you should, too

    One of the last freedoms you have left is the freedom to choose what's on your dinner plate tonight -- but get ready to stick a fork in that one.
  8. Ibuprofen linked to miscarriage

    Over-the-counter painkillers end lives -- a tragic reality that the FDA outrageously refuses to recognize.
  9. Common meds raise death risk

    It's the study every senior on the planet needs to see right now: Some of the world's most common drugs can dramatically boost your risk of an early death when taken together.

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