I've spent a lot of time rubbing my eyes lately, but not because I'm tired.

It's in pure disbelief over the "dumb and dumber" world around us. From dumb court rulings to dumber politicians, I keep thinking it must all be just a bad dream... and I expect to wake up any minute now.

Someone pinch me already -- because I've had enough of this nightmare!

But if you're rubbing your eyes for reasons other than disbelief -- if it seems like they're always red and raw -- you're probably among the 80 million Americans battling the constant misery of itchy dry eyes.

You've probably found out firsthand that any relief you get from eye drops is fleeting at best.

And when the dryness returns, it's worse than ever.

That's because unless your dry eyes are caused by something simple, like contacts, nothing in an overpriced little squirt bottle will fix it... but something in a bigger, cheaper bottle will: fish oil.

The human eyeball is like a sponge for omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA, sucking up as much of this stuff as it can get -- and if you don't have enough rushing through your blood, your eye will starve.

Over the long run, that's a recipe for serious vision problems, including macular degeneration.

But long before you reach that point, you'll find yourself so dried out that you'll be rubbing your eyes like a toddler before naptime.

You can fix those shriveled up peepers by taking omega-3 supplements, and one new study finds that 70 percent of older women given a blend of fish oil and some eye-friendly vitamins were completely cured of dry eyes within three months.

By comparison, just 15 percent of women on an olive oil placebo got the same results.

So give it a shot -- and if that doesn't do the trick, your dry eyes are probably the result of something else, almost certainly a hormonal issue.

One reason dry eyes are so much more common among older women is that women suffer from more sudden and more severe hormonal imbalances, especially after menopause.

Natural hormone therapy can fix dry eyes and so many other problems, including far worse complaints such as fatigue and low libido. I recommend working closely with an experienced member of the American Academy for Advancement in Medicine.

Try their Physician+Link tool to locate a practitioner near you.