1. FDA may eliminate drug safety warnings in commercials

    FDA pressing mute on deadly drug warnings

    Tell me something -- does anyone ruin a mood quite like Uncle Sam?

    I mean, there you are flipping through the channels, when one of Eli Lilly's sexy ads for Cialis comes on the tube. Some good looking fella in his 60s pops a little pill and the next thing you know he and the Mrs. are lounging in some outdoor bathtub, ready to go at it like tigers in heat.

    And that's when some breathless announcer cuts in reminding you that Cialis could leave you flopping around like a fish with a brain rattling seizure.

    What a buzzkill!

    Well, fret no more, little ones, because the federal government may be done sticking its joy-robbing nose into these Big Pharma advertising masterpieces once and for all. In fact, the FDA may be about to end the practice of requiring Big Pharma to list all the dangerous side effects of its drugs in commercials FOREVER.

    And, believe it or not, those filthy federal liars actually have the audacity... the GALL... to suggest they're doing it for YOU!

    The FDA has announced it will begin studying whether it's OK to dramatically shorten the side effects listed in drug commercials (want to guess how this ends?). Because, after all, you ought to be able to enjoy the sounds and sensations of a Paxil commercial unburdened by the knowledge that sometimes folks kill themselves after taking it.

    And the worst part is Big Brother claims he's doing you a FAVOR. He thinks that you're tuning out these mile-long lists of drug dangers, and you'll pay better attention if he just hits the highlights. In other words, our government thinks you're a moron.

    Well my friend, you may not be anywhere near a farm, but I can assure you that IS genuine bull crap you just got a whiff of. Remember, this is the EXACT SAME government that essentially banned outdoor advertising of cigarettes and wanted warning labels showing diseased lungs and missing teeth on every pack of Marlboros and Lucky Strikes!

    Now tell me, which do you think is more dangerous -- a pack of cigarettes or a prescription bottle stuffed with a blood thinner like Pradaxa that could KILL you?!?

    Prescription drug ads don't need to be tinkered with or shortened. What they DO need is to be COMPLETELY BANNED FROM THE AIRWAVES. Just about every doctor I know is getting bullied by patients who come to appointments insisting on prescriptions for some wonder drug they saw on TV.

    And it's only going to get worse. So a year or so from now, when we're watching Big Pharma rake in BILLIONS while under-informed boobs drop dead from drugs they never should have been prescribed, here's a thought that's going to stick in your craw.

    Good ol' Uncle Sam did this FOR you.

  2. Shine a light on prostate cancer

    How sunlight prevents death from prostate cancer

    If you want to save your prostate and spare yourself a cancer death, forget all about PSA tests, drugs, surgeries, and everything else the mainstream has been throwing at this disease.

    Head to the beach instead.

    That's because the very sunlight you've been told to avoid can actually save you from any number of cancers, and the latest research puts prostate cancer high on that list.

    Harvard researchers tracked more than 2,500 men for nearly two decades and found that high D levels slashed the risk of dying of prostate cancer by more than half.

    In fact, nearly a third of the men who died of prostate cancer were among those with the lowest D levels of anyone in the study, while only 16 percent of the deaths were among men with high levels.

    Once you crunch the numbers that adds up to a 57 percent overall reduction in the risk of death -- and that's not the only big news out of the study.

    It turns out D didn't lower the overall risk of a tumor -- just the risk of dying from one. This means the sunshine vitamin ignores the harmless tumors you don't need to worry about, while stopping the deadly ones that could kill you.

    There's not an oncologist on the planet that's figured out how to do that!

    Vitamin D's no one-trick pony when it comes to cancer, either. It can also help fight or prevent lung, colon, breast, and endometrial cancer. And despite what you've heard, vitamin D can prevent the deadliest forms of skin cancer.

    That's one of the reasons the skin cancer rate has actually shot up since D-blocking sunscreens came on the market -- but only one. The other reason is that those icky gooey creams and lotions themselves actually contain dangerous cancer-causing chemicals.

    The synthetic form of vitamin A used in many until just recently was even found to SPEED the growth of tumors when exposed to sunlight.

    But whether they contain that A or not, skip 'em all. The only protection you really need from the sun is a shady tree or a beach umbrella -- and the sense to get under it before you get burned.

    I've got more on cancer up next. Keep reading!

  3. Finger-lickin' bad!

    It might take a tough man to make a tender bird. But it takes a mad scientist to create the "chicken" on your dinner plate these days.
  4. The WRONG way to 'beat' diabetes

    If you want to beat diabetes, you CAN beat diabetes -- and you can do it without drugs or surgery. It's the hard way, but anything worth doing is worth doing right.
  5. The secret side effects of common meds

    The average drug lists 70 "official" side effects these days -- and you'd need a magnifying glass, a medical dictionary, and a lot of free time if you ever wanted to read them all.
  6. Big Media gets it right on antidepressants

    The psychiatric industry is screaming bloody murder over a recent "60 Minutes" report on how placebos routinely match or beat antidepressants in drug trials.
  7. The book that's guaranteed to make you mentally ill

    Does your tot throw tantrums? Does your teen act out? Do you spend too much time online? Then get ready to pass the meds right around the dinner table, because your ENTIRE FAMILY is mentally ill! That's not according to me, that's according to the newest edition of the shrinks' bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  8. Screening out the PSA test

    You already know the deal: Despite all the blah-blah-blah from TV doctors, celebrity advocates, and cancer-screening ad campaigns, a PSA test won't save your life.
  9. Want better bowels? Head south

    The science on irritable bowels is clear as day: Meds do absolutely nothing for this condition.
  10. The danger coming from America's farms

    The feds are in a tizzy over a lab-created bird flu virus they fear can be weaponized and turned into a super killer, yet they won't say a word about the other "labs" churning out superbugs... America's factory farms.

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